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Easily solve the problem of store cashier! Measurement of the guest as a cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
Open cafe person is very tired, share all need to fix. But while in the busy not over, but it is absolutely can't neglect in financial matters. The cashier affairs as money & other Entrance & throughout; , need to be very detailed and accurate statistics. Therefore, the configuration is a good enough cash register is necessary. Today to bring us a & other; Guest as hongyun smart cash register & throughout; , this is hungry joint product of word of mouth and guest like a cloud. Also be more understand the businesses of the enterprise. So how does this product? The cash register only one screen, no vice screen, like a computer. All of the content on the screen operation, the installation of the fitment is very high, and the operation more convenient, more unified, busy, not hurry-scurry, left look right look. The size of the screen 15. 6 inches, like general notebook, resolution configuration can also, 1920 & # 120; 1080. Order and checkout system is based on the android debug, and is free for life. It carries the 8 core CPU, 1 g of memory, system USES fluency is very high. Click on feedback is fluent, even click fast, no caton case. At the time of invoicing busy, if the cash register card, it is an absolute disaster level problem ~ so in this respect to choose the best hongyun this somewhat higher configuration. It is the design of the hardware and software integration, no need to install additional cashier system. To adapt to the food and beverage business mode is also very much, basically include the daily food and western food, hot pot, barbecue, dessert cold drinks and so on all food and beverage category. Integral collocation also can be configured according to the specific situation, such as the general situation on the cash register + printer, plus the product match hongyun apple APP. Also can according to different needs and match the kitchen printer, front desk printers, label printers, electronic scale, yard box, etc. Cash register support eat-in cashier and selling point meal management, before use, you need to download the palm hongyun APP, created through APP stores, cash register, then sweep code binding to menu entry to the cash register. It is set very carefully record the menu aspect, support voice recognition to record menu and price, is quite convenient to operate. Interface to set up and the function of the order are Chinese label, very easy to operate. Restaurant in elderly men and women can also be very quickly, even can't read, see this icon. Food, of course, is also a peak passenger flow abnormal obvious industry. To dinner, busy longed long with one hand, but can't neglect the customer again. Therefore, the cash register has joined the function of the code order. It swept code order than other related system operation more simple, feedback more quickly, too. The guests should also feel very convenient to use, save the trouble of the queue order. In terms of payment, it supports a variety of payment of the current mainstream, including payment and cash payments, and so on. Trading process and speed is very fast, but also for the checkout of the restaurant provides efficient support. After all, money is not enough positive and open what hotel ~ in order and checkout a series of operations, the cash register gives a person the feeling is most stable and smooth, not seen caton, crashes, and so on and so forth. This is what merchants very wants to see the thing, that is the business would be able to complete. Delivery, it can direct docking hungry? Delivery systems, at the same time, the door opened a word-of-mouth, convenient for more orders. When customer order, it will automatically pick list, automatically hit single, after hutch can directly see the take-away orders, from the middle tedious docking, also not easy to get wrong, especially in business time save a lot of human in addition to the cashier and in-store related transaction management. The cash register also cater to the current mainstream, it is an intelligent product, compared with some traditional old cashier system, there are a lot of flexibility, can help operators to better manage stores. Such as phone APP, even if not in the store, can also view the related financial statements anytime and anywhere, revenue flowing water and other statistics. Convenient operator in accordance with the relevant data for the analysis of different times, different festivals and sales of different dishes, and so on and so forth, in order to develop more effective mode of operation. , of course, this design can also play a regulatory role, prevent the boss during his absence, in-store business appear any abnormal condition. In addition, on the hongyun APP, design has a lot of improve customer retention, improve traffic playing method, such as full activities, membership grade reduction mechanism, give full full reduction and discount, etc. Are some of the more attractive and effective play, is a good way to help just contact business people understand some good promotional interaction. Finally, the guest as hongyun smart cash registers, not just a has a single function of cashier, product. It has a very smooth ShouYinDian single system, but also have a stable and convenient control of the operating system. In addition, the intelligent cash register can facilitate the operators in real time to check the relevant revenue situation, also can pass the collocation of mobile phone APP to use more functions to promote management effect, is a core function is very good, additional function is also very useful products.
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