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Efficient management of stationery shop, cash

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
Stationery shop, as a part of our youth, has been accompanied by examinations again and again. The owners of stationery shop have changed from batch to batch as time goes by. What's unchanged is feelings. What's changing is that we have grown up. Therefore, stationery shop should also change, and the emergence of intelligent and efficient professional stationery shop cash collection system will be more matching. Store name: Duoduo stationery store location: Fujian Quanzhou online products: Retail standard cash register system Yaxian stationery Duoduo stationery store is a Chenguang brand stationery store, with a good geographical location, located on the side of the road, close to the experimental school, so relatively speaking, the traffic is OK. In addition to the stationery of the morning light series, the main business of the store also includes all kinds of student supplies, office supplies, trinkets, etc. the total merchandise is more than 3000 kinds. In the face of such a rich commodity, the cash collection system must be indispensable. Why would you choose the cash collection system of Si Xun Tian store? The selection of the collection system of sixiantian store is recommended by the peers. Due to the needs of the store, we want to abandon the traditional tedious management and manage through simple, cost-effective and high collection software, so we launched the retail version of the collection system of sixiantian store. What are the problems of stationery store solved by the cash collection system of Si Xun Tian store? The stationery store's products are too complex, some are small and some are large. How to manage them delicately? It really needs efficient cash collection system software. The retail cash collection software of sixiantian store provides the store with more accurate purchase, sales and inventory management, retail flow query, and great convenience for store management. In addition, as the SaaS cloud cashier system software, the sixun tiandian system can be easily installed without too much maintenance, and the upgrade is free. The store management data is stored on Alibaba cloud with the highest security level, and can be viewed through the mobile APP, which is very convenient.
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