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ehopper pos and hp deliver enhanced shopping experience ...

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-24
EHopper point of sale (POS)
Premiere cloud
Announce POS-based solutions with HP
Meet the retail and hotel needs of small businesses.
EHopper POS is combined with HP\'s new hardware system to cope with the huge growth in small business retail-online and online-store.
EHopper POS will now be fully integrated with the HP Engage One Prime POS system.
Vladimir Basin said: \"Small businesses in the retail and hospitality industries need the next generation of point-of-sale solutions to meet their rapid development needs for multi-functional and security systems, these systems provide eHopper general manager and product supervisor who resonate with today\'s consumers.
\"By combining eHopper\'s software with HP\'s POS hardware technology, we can offer solutions that meet the unique needs of small businesses.
EHopper POS paired with HP Engage One Prime offers a powerful high
Fills\'s value point of sale system for merchants: eHopper POS is now available on HP Engage One Prime.
For more information or purchase, please visit: EPUB perehopper POS is a cloud that is not related to the device-
Point-of-sale based solution is ideal for all small and medium-sized enterprises
Retail and hotel business size.
Available on Android tablet 4.
4. eHopper intuitive users-iPads, Windows pc, Poynt terminals, HP Engage One Prime, and all of them
Friendly design means that businesses do not need intensive training.
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