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Embedded intelligent dustbins qr code scanner, which can realize and sorting

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
Sweep trash can realize classification code delivery is too smart! Recently, the Beijing xicheng district intelligence community had introduced with embedded intelligent garbage pigeon-hole qr code scanner ( & other detections in the box body; Qr code identification area throughout the &; ) , by scanning the qr code on the bag, the corresponding bin lid will automatically open, users can input to the corresponding category of the garbage and recycling bins. Compared to traditional dustbin, embedded two-dimensional scanning module of intelligent garbage pigeon-hole into data acquisition and bar code automatic identification technology, give full play to the qr code identification and data transmission performance, make its operation more simple, convenient and intelligence. According to staff, users receive the classification of garbage bags, Kitchen waste, paper, plastic and other trash bags) Are printed on the residents and & other; A home one card & throughout; Corresponding qr code, usually will garbage sorting by bagging; When released, users only need to aim the qr code on the classification of garbage bags in the enclosure & other; Qr code identification area throughout the &; Brush, after the success of the scanning corresponding classification dustbin will automatically open, shut down automatically after into the garbage. Meanwhile, residents in garbage disposal, real-time weighing box to put in the garbage, and the data back to the cloud management system, the system automatically records every classification of garbage disposal, and according to the number of integral, integral number of households can exchange gifts accordingly. For the innovation of intelligent garbage classification to upgrade, mainly embedded qr code scanner sweep the code for the core hardware integration, are used to implement for mobile phones and paper one dimensional, two dimensional barcode information automatic induction identification in order to achieve automated scanning function, combining technological means such as Internet, automatic identification technology to realize garbage into active traceability. , according to the deep understanding to the residents and sorting, when released backend system will scan module identification to qr code information uploaded to the cloud the first time the management system, and track record every household garbage on the behavior and the related data information, so as to realize the trash pickup through the analysis of the large data classification and intensification, greatly improves the work efficiency and save manpower material resources, to promote & other; No waste throughout the city &; Development play a positive role in promoting. As the most important information collection of smart garbage pigeon-hole accessories, qr code scanner classification of performance to determine whether the system can normal operation. Given the intelligent dustbin qr code scanner that the use of high frequency characteristics of the shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Particularly recommended a professional read paper code and code of the phone's screen LV4300 series qr code scanner, provide intelligent scan code terminal manufacturers both at home and abroad with the direction of the embedded barcode scanning module choice! According to introducing, LV4300 series embedded qr code recognizer using the excellence of two-dimensional decoding chip, can easily scan paper, printed media such as mobile phone screen and display on the medium barcode information, a wide-angle scanning scope to avoid trouble on the bar code; Precision of scanning speed, to read, especially in view of the code of the phone's screen to read the special technical check, even in bright sunlight, weak light and mobile phone to stick color film in the bad environment can accurately scan barcode information. At present the product has comprehensive promotion listing, and successfully put into use in hundreds of top 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises, if you want to know more detailed product information, welcome to contact shenzhen vision technology for more information. Hope we can make a successful cooperation in the future! Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Was founded in 2000, the national high-tech enterprises, is the industry recognized global Internet industry standard of automatic identification application solutions, professional data acquisition from the thing networking perception layer, with barcode recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification ( RFID) Three core technology, the new retail for wisdom, wisdom campus, wisdom hotel, fitness, intelligent household waste classification, wisdom, health, intelligence, and other industries and government unit project provides digital solutions, the Internet industry has gained market highly ( Scanmax/vision of Internet of things) 。
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