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Experience of smart city construction in Japan and South Korea

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-27
Experience in the construction of smart cities in Japan and South Korea 1. Play the guiding role of policies and planning. The policies and planning of smart cities in Japan and South Korea embody steady upgrading, orderly connection, overall planning and top-level design, through the legislative model, the central government and local governments will promote the construction of broadband networks to lay the foundation for building a smart city. Experience in the construction of smart cities in Japan and South Korea 2. Improving the effectiveness of construction through pilot projects and practices the construction of smart cities in Japan and South Korea embodies step-by-step progress, gradual progress, key construction, demonstration and guidance, and cooperation between government departments and enterprises and organizations, it plays a significant role in top-level design, policy formulation and organization and coordination. The planning and construction of smart cities reflect systematicness and avoid other supporting delays caused by local transformation. Experience of smart city construction in Japan and South Korea 3. Pay attention to the sustainable construction of urban infrastructure, japan's smart city pilot reflects the practical attitude of its infrastructure intelligent construction. Through the policy support of government departments and the capital investment of enterprises, we will effectively integrate information technology and sensing technology into the upgrading of urban infrastructure. Japan's ICT infrastructure construction complete goal in E-Japan's strategy E-Japan2002 key plan and E- The support of Japan Strategy II and other strategies was realized. Strictly carry out water supply in different districts, install sensing facilities on urban water supply system and drainage system, and realize monitoring, control and statistical analysis of users' water supply and drainage needs; Push from top to bottom, transform and construct urban power grid, urban disaster prevention and urban transportation from small scope to large area, and then comprehensively and diversely. In its smart city construction, South Korea emphasizes the upgrading of infrastructure such as energy, transportation, medical care and Communications (Maintain advanced technology while integrating information technology). Experience of smart city construction in Japan and South Korea 4. Attach importance to promoting the development of smart city application services. The construction of smart city in Japan and South Korea is based on the needs of the public and embedded in the social and cultural structure. The basic conditions of different cities are different. The energy environment, health and pension problems and industrial innovation are different in different cities. The focus and sequence of smart city construction are different. By participating in the planning and implementation of smart cities, residents can enhance their real sense of smart cities and establish a sustainable urban development system with sustainable economy and life. III. Enlightenment to the construction of smart cities in China 1. Strengthening the top-level design of smart cities needs to pay more attention to integration, mobility, interaction, digitalization and intelligence, and the construction is closely linked to the main theme of the region, to meet the market demand and give full play to the characteristics of regional cities, we can start from the following points :(1) Formulate smart city planning and alternative construction plans from the national strategic level; (2) Set up a leading organization of smart cities to realize the unified deployment of the pilot work of smart city construction; (3) The construction of smart city is a complex system engineering. The construction planning needs to pay attention to both the long-term and the dynamic; (4) To promote communication and learning between cities, we can use big data platforms to share resources and make smart city construction more accurate; (5) The deployment of broadband network will be taken as the basis for the construction of a smart city, and solid progress will be made to improve the urban public transportation system and improve the living and travel environment of the people. 2. Perfecting the system of policies and regulations of smart cities the policies and regulations of smart cities need to go beyond the policies and regulations of telecommunication technology and involve all aspects including electricity, gas, transportation facilities, medical treatment, construction, etc, based on the actual needs of the city, we will build a policy and regulation system for the construction of a smart city. It is necessary to maintain the continuity, stability and predictability of policies and regulations related to smart city construction, and to minimize the uncertain impact of government adjustments on smart city construction. (1) Maintain the internal consistency between relevant policies and regulations under the relatively comprehensive and clear construction line of smart cities; (2) Strengthen the trust of enterprises and institutions, scientific and technical personnel and the public related to the construction of smart city, and ensure the sustainability of smart city construction projects; (3) We will improve the assessment mechanism for government officials and reduce the negative impact that personal factors of officials may have on the continuity of policies and regulations for the construction of smart cities. 3. Clarify the pilot construction objectives of smart cities
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