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Face recognition installed by river to prevent children from drowning

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-26
In the past two years, with the rapid development of face recognition technology, not only can security prevention be realized through face comparison, it has also set off a technical tide of face-brushing payment, face-brushing access control, face-brushing unlocking, face-brushing withdrawal, and face-brushing. The maturity of technology and the reduction of cost will bring more applications in more fields, and the expansion of application fields will also promote the further development of technology. Face recognition is installed by the river to prevent children from drowning. The anti-drowning face recognition intelligent system is installed by the river. Every summer, children swim in the wild and cause frequent tragedies. Recently, the education bureau of Pingdingshan city, Henan province installed a drowning prevention face recognition intelligent system along the river to prevent this problem from the source. Please note that you have entered dangerous waters and there have been many drowning accidents in this area. Please leave as soon as possible. I have already sent the information to your parents and teachers' mobile phones. Under the Beiru River Bridge in Jia county, Pingdingshan city, Henan province, when a person passes through this area, the face recognition monitoring, early warning and drowning prevention system will issue such a reminder. Face recognition is installed by the river to prevent children from drowning. According to the person in charge of installing the system, a high-definition spherical camera, a tweeter and seven face recognition snapshots are installed in this area, it can capture photos of people within 200, identify student information and issue targeted warnings by comparing with the background face Library. The face recognition rate of the system reaches more than 97%. While issuing the second warning, the background of the system also sends drowning prevention reminders, photos of students close to the waters and geographical location information to their parents and teachers, which can prevent minors from drowning accidents to a certain extent. It is understood that the system's face database has covered more than 110 thousand students in 81 primary and secondary schools and is expected to be officially extended to 120 dangerous waters in the city next year. How does this system prevent students from drowning? Zhao Hongliang, head of the safety department of Pingdingshan education bureau, said in an interview with Beiqing Daily that the system is mainly to prevent students from swimming and drowning and to protect children's lives. Face recognition installed by the river to prevent children from drowning Beiqing Daily: How does this system prevent students from drowning? Zhao Hongliang: we have set up a database to record the photos of students in primary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools in the city and the information of parents and teachers. Once someone appears in dangerous waters, the system will automatically issue a warning and ask someone to leave as soon as possible. And then the camera will capture the face and compare it with the face in the database. Once the comparison is successful, the system will shout out the student's name, and remind the student that he has sent his image and location to his teachers and parents. Beiqing Daily: How do parents and teachers of students receive information? Zhao Hongliang: we have developed an APP in which students' teachers and parents can receive their children's location and captured images through the push of the client. Considering that some parents do not use smart phones, at the same time, the system will repeatedly send the captured content by SMS. Beiqing Daily: How does the system respond to changes in students' appearance? Zhao Hongliang: this has been taken into account in the development of the system. As students are in the stage of growing up, their looks change faster. Since we have installed the same portrait recognition system at the gates of various schools, we will regularly capture the high-definition portraits of the children at the school gates and regularly replace the background data. Beiqing Daily: What is the effect of the current implementation? Zhao Hongliang: because it is now only installed in two waters, so far, only one parent has received information about the child in dangerous waters. Usually, when the system is reminded * times, the children will soon be away from dangerous waters, so the effect is good in terms of warning and shock. Of course, the snapshot and identification of portraits are not accurate. Once the push is wrong, parents and teachers can click the spit button in the APP to give feedback, we will also continuously improve the accuracy of push through two-way feedback from parents and teachers. Can you really prevent children from swimming in the wild? Some people have questioned this drowning prevention mechanism: can you really prevent children from swimming in the wild? Some netizens questioned that it has great limitations, such as: first, its coverage is limited. There are actually many so-called dangerous waters where drowning accidents may occur, and what the face recognition system can involve is, after all, very limited and difficult to exhaust. Second, the coverage of the population is limited. At present, it is only limited to primary and secondary school students in the education system, and there is no supplement to the drowning prevention of the general public who have not entered the system database. Third, the system only starts from the dimension of anti-blocking, pays attention to finding problems in time and is powerless to safety education and prevention in advance.
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