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Face recognition system brush face lockage technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-18
The society is developing rapidly and all aspects are becoming more and more complicated. As a saying goes: the rivers and lakes are dangerous, so we attach great importance to safety. What can ensure that all aspects of our information are not used by others? Is the face recognition system safer? Because a person has only one face and is highly specific, it is impossible to copy. As far as current technology is concerned, it has more and more functions, more and more powerful systems and higher safety factor. To meet people's needs, the face recognition system will be by going up one flight of stairs in the future development, which is an important guarantee for people's safety. Face recognition brush face brake face recognition main features: face recognition brush face brake face recognition brush face brake 1, * Sex: everyone has a face, and cannot be copied and counterfeited, so the security is higher. 2. Good Naturality: face recognition technology is the same as human (Even other creatures) The biological characteristics used in individual identification are the same, and other biological characteristics such as fingerprints and iris do not have this characteristic. 3, simple and convenient: no need to carry the card, the recognition speed is fast, the operation is simple and convenient. 4. Non-contact: no need to contact equipment, no need to worry about contact infection of virus, which is hygienic and safe. With artificial intelligence being first written into the national government report in 2017, the relevant policy support for face recognition, an important subdivision in the field of artificial intelligence, will continue to be strengthened. Therefore, the importance of face recognition is self-evident. From the perspective of application fields, face recognition technology is currently widely used in government, enterprises, banks, securities, financial and social security, airports, subways and other scenarios, however, almost all high-end enterprises in China are now equipped with face recognition systems. Face recognition gates are frequently favored by large enterprises. What functions do they have and what problems can they help enterprises solve? Internal and external personnel diversion management, VIP visitor experience upgrade face recognition brush face information into the database, internal personnel can directly brush their faces in and out of the gate, and foreign visitors can enter only by simply registering information and then brushing their faces. Intelligent face recognition greatly saves the time for personnel to enter and exit, the visit of personnel can also be managed efficiently and orderly. For VIP visitors, the administrator can enter images in the face database in advance. Visitors do not need to register when visiting, and directly brush their faces to improve the image of the company. Infrared recognition of faces, security upgrade under high accuracy face recognition system uses infrared recognition face technology, strong anti-interference, it can reduce the influence of external environment and position such as illumination, accurately extract face attributes for dynamic comparison of real people, and greatly reduce recognition errors. When the personnel fails to compare with the information in the database, they cannot enter. This ensures the safety of the entry personnel. Unregistered outsiders and non-library personnel cannot enter as others, and even if they take photos of others, they cannot brush their faces. Multi-entry data interconnection realizes cross-door management. When the same unit has multiple entrances, multiple face gates can be assembled, face gates in different regions have a unified database and terminal management platform, allowing face gates in various regions to realize data interconnection and unified management of multiple entrances. Specific to different units, corresponding customized face gate solutions will also be formulated according to the actual situation. Face recognition technology face recognition technology
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