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Face recognition technology ptksai technology is reliable

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-14
In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in the field of security. With the continuous development of technology, it is getting closer and closer to our daily life, mobile phones, shopping malls, parks, etc. can see its figure. According to relevant analysis reports, the face recognition market is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 20% starting this year, and the global face recognition market will reach by 2022. $9. 5 billion. It can be said that the next few years will be the key year for the maturity and popularization of face recognition technology. Face recognition technology ptksai is reliable in technology. Children go down the river to brush their faces first. According to data, more than 370 thousand people worldwide die of drowning every year. Among them, young people and children under the age of 25 account for half. This year, Pingdingshan city education bureau installed face recognition equipment at the gates of primary and secondary schools and dormitories, and applied face recognition technology to flood prevention work. Through panoramic monitoring, there is no differential alarm, face recognition directional alarm, notify teachers and parents of the mode, set up three lines of defense, all-weather monitoring, prevent minors from drowning accidents. This is also the first time that face recognition technology has been applied in the field of drowning protection. The face recognition technology ptksai is reliable in technology. According to the relevant person in charge of Pingdingshan Education Bureau, the face recognition early warning and monitoring system will make up for the shortage of manpower to a certain extent, and cooperate with the previous patrol mechanism to form civil air defense, physical defense, technical prevention and prevention mechanism. Face recognition technology ptksai technology is reliable, automatic driving supports face recognition to start the vehicle, recently, zero run S01 announced S01 new interior. The new car is equipped with Leap Pilot automatic driving system, which can provide 11 intelligent driving functions. At present, the zero running S01 reaches L2. Level 5 automatic driving capability, which can be upgraded to L3 level through OTA. In terms of human-vehicle interaction technology, zero run S01 is equipped with Leap In biological key system, including two technologies: finger vein Unlocking Door and face recognition starting vehicle. It is possible to truly enter and start the entire operation of the vehicle without a key. Face recognition technology ptksai technology is reliable, WeChat face recognition for industrial and commercial business license, Qingdao will implement individual industrial and commercial households WeChat business service. The whole process is electronic, it takes only a few minutes, the real zero errands, completely subverting the traditional licensing model, and the paper business license delivery business is about to be launched. The WeChat license system adopts the whole-process electronic registration mode, cancels the pre-approval of the name, and implements the name self-declaration to realize the check and get; To sort out and merge duplicate data items, the applicant only needs to click to enter important information and fill in personalized information, which is as convenient as possible for mobile phone users to operate; The system automatically generates the application materials, only needs to take photos to upload the front and back of the original ID card, no need to upload other registration materials, and simplify the registration materials as much as possible; Through identity information, face recognition, etc. , the automatic comparison with the population information database of the Ministry of Public Security can be completed, automatic confirmation can be realized, and impersonation declaration can be eliminated. Article link: China security exhibition Network http://www . Afzhan. Com/news/detail/69132. Html
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