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Face recognition visitor is more and more widely used

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-15
With the increase of population and the rapid development of various industries, the number of visitors is large and the speed of manual registration is slow, which cannot meet the requirements of all walks of life; Secondly, manual registration is unreliable: each person has different handwriting, different writing styles, difficult to find and difficult to save; There is also the inability to identify real identity information: There are many people, manual registration can not identify the authenticity, easy to mix with bad intentions, face recognition visitor is more and more widely used. The face recognition visitor is an Android smart visitor, an Android smart terminal specially customized for the visitor registration field. The product integrates second-generation license, thermal printer, RFID and wireless communication technology, and is equipped with high-performance CPU, 10-inch high-definition capacitive screen and super-large storage module. The product has rich peripherals and powerful hardware support, and has the characteristics of low use threshold, convenient operation, high cost performance, etc. It is safe and simple to complete the operation and application of visiting information registration. Verification and identification integrated visitor verification system this device is light and compact. It adopts wall hanging design, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the device and can be flexibly installed and deployed on the automatic door side, realize the perfect combination of verification and access control system. At the same time, it also has very powerful functions. Face recognition visitor application authentication and recognition automatically verifies visitor information. The IC/ID card and the one-dimensional code receipt are automatically identified, and visitors can only enter the door through temporary cards or receipts. Real-time video surveillance verification to ensure the correct information of visitors. The guard's monitoring function prevents others from replacing visitors. The wall-mounted appearance is square, with rounded corners and stylish design. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise group. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, intelligent digital photo frame, face recognition visitor, stand-alone and online advertising machine, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, video greeting card, professional clock machine, and customized electronic products for major customers. The company has 61 engineers working across time zones to customize and develop software and hardware, as well as product front-end research. In 2017 alone, the company's research and development team contributed nine innovative invention patents. The company has three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Shajing and Dongguan Daling Mountain, covering an area of 21500 m² square meters. It has its own high-speed Mounter, injection molding machine, mold workshop and dust-free automatic production line. The annual production capacity of PCBA board is 2. 3 million pieces, the annual output of the intelligent terminal machine is 1. 1 million units, which can provide OEM/ODM/EMS services for world-renowned brands. At present, the company has passed the certification of quality assurance system ISO9001 and environmental certification system ISO14001, and its products have passed CE, FCC, CCC, U/L, EUP, Rohs, Reach and other certifications. It is one of the main choices for customers at home and abroad to customize and retail purchases.
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