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Face recognition visitor, visitor use background analysis

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-17
Background Analysis of visitor aircraft use: 1. The increase in population: the rapid development of various industries is close, the number of visitors is large, and the speed of manual registration is slow, which cannot meet the requirements of all walks of life. Manual registration is not reliable: everyone has different handwriting, different writing styles, difficult to find and difficult to save 3. Unable to identify the real identity information: There are many people, manual registration can not identify the authenticity, easy to mix with bad intentions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . With so many problems that may occur, how can we solve the visitor problem? Visitor manufacturers analyze the powerful functions of an intelligent face recognition visitor: The face recognition visitor all-in-one machine is specially trained by ptksai technology based on its own core visible light face recognition algorithm technology and combined with the unique features of certificate photos, A real-name authentication system for visitors with strong recognition performance, which automatically reads the information in the certificate locally and automatically detects and captures visitors' faces at the same time, the photo features in the certificate and the real-time face photo features are compared and identified to identify whether the holder and the certificate are the same identity. Product Introduction face recognition visitor all-in-one machine is an Android intelligent visitor, which is a specially customized Android intelligent terminal for visitor registration. The product integrates second-generation license, thermal printer, RFID and wireless communication technology, and is equipped with high-performance CPU, 10-inch high-definition capacitive screen and super-large storage module. The product has rich peripherals and powerful hardware support, and has the characteristics of low use threshold, convenient operation, high cost performance, etc. It is safe and simple to complete the operation and application of visiting information registration. Ptksai witness-in-one visitor identification topology :(External camera system) Ptksai witness-in-one visitor identification topology :(Bring your own camera system) Product features: 1, comes with 5 million high-definition pixels (Optional external camera), Identification of identity security verification management. 2. Efficient touch application: 10. 1-inch capacitive HD touch screen with multi-touch support. 3. High configuration: RK3288, RAM2GB, FLASH8GB, 1. 8 main frequency, overall performance increased by 100%, speed increased by 80%, 4, rich external interface: can expand all kinds of peripherals. It can provide more efficient, convenient and safe terminal solutions for multiple industries 5. It has higher operation sensitivity, faster speed, faster startup speed, more stable system operation and stronger scalability, better user experience. 6, integrated design, perfect integration, noble and elegant, small footprint, easy to place. 7. Android visitor software is built with Android system, which is more stable and more convenient to operate. Product coefficient parameters: Visit the registration terminal product features: * original built-in camera, to achieve portrait photography, perfect solution to the problem of identification. * The second-generation ID card information can be read through the second-generation ID card reading module. * Can provide perfect solutions to customers in the mode of platform and terminal. * Thermal printing meets voucher printing requirements. Product Application direction 1, certificate verification, service counter, etc. are used to confirm the identity information of visitors. In any security point/community or Community Visitor Registration Office, the real-name identity of visitors is automatically identified ( Verify the valid certificate and the consistency between the person and the certificate held); The face is photographed on the spot, and the ID card Avatar is compared with the facial features on the spot to realize the verification of the face matching of the certificate. 2. Market value of face self-certification system kit: A. Evidence of a fixed verification process (Record the verification process) When it is used for the assistance of manual inspection, it can effectively prove that the verifier has carefully checked the correspondence between the certificate and the person, and the system provides detailed reports for easy review and review. B. A professional verification method no longer relies on manual observation to judge the correspondence between people and certificates, thus avoiding loopholes in the process of identity verification. C. Speed up verification 1-The verification process can be completed in 2 seconds. D. In the process of self-service business handling, the identity of the handling person is automatically checked to facilitate third-party integration, for example, when the identity of the handling person needs to be checked when it is applied to self-service customs clearance, self-service financial business, hotel self-service check-in, etc, the identity of the holder and the certificate held are automatically consistent, and the slip can be printed.
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