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Features and application tips of industrial All-in-one machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-03
Features and application tips of industrial All-in-one machines, technical features of industrial All-in-one machines: 1. All-metal industrial chassis conforming to EIA standard is adopted to enhance anti-electromagnetic interference capability. 2, there is no fan in the chassis, heat dissipation by the chassis. 3. Equipped with highly reliable industrial power supply and Overvoltage and overcurrent protection. 4. The power supply and keyboard are equipped with electronic lock switches to prevent illegal opening, closing and illegal keyboard input. 5, with self-diagnosis function. 6. A watchdog timer is provided to automatically reset without human intervention when the machine crashes due to a fault. 7. It is convenient for multi-task scheduling and operation. The huge demand for intelligent equipment in the new round of automobile, communication, information and electrical appliances, medical treatment, military and other industries has driven the development of embedded industrial tablet computers and systems. Different from traditional industrial personal computers, fanless industrial personal computers are oriented to specific application fields, customized and developed according to application requirements, and penetrate into all walks of life with the general demand of intelligent products. With the continuous innovation of hardware technology, the processing capacity of the hardware platform is continuously enhanced, and the hardware cost is continuously decreasing. Embedded industrial tablet computer has become the key and driving technology for digital transformation and intelligent value-added of products. Some tips on the application of industrial tablet computers. We often deal with industrial tablet computers in our life. How can we apply it? Industrial tablet computer application strategy, how to use embedded industrial tablet computer, embedded industrial tablet computer how to use talent more conveniently! Learn to use embedded industrial tablets more conveniently, which will help you save a lot of time! From an environmental point of view, the embedded industrial tablet * is placed in a slightly darker set color (Do not use black) If the environment is too bright, the touch screen radiation makes the liquid crystal uncomfortable and reduces the effect of dazzling light on vision. Other picture sets (For example, wrinkled paper drawing) It will make both eyes focus on the screen image instead of the screen reflection, even in areas without icons and menu options. From the point of view of touch mode, using large buttons as a simple click interface now, the electronic digital products in the world are very humanized and simplified, and the contact screen is not exceptional, and the same attention is paid to the user's experience, touching the screen, dragging, double-clicking, scroll bar, drop-down menu, various windows or other elements will make some unfamiliar users feel messy, and will also reduce the user's affinity for the product, we should use large buttons as a simple click interface or reduce their power. From the point of view of touch speed, the user will get a feedback response as soon as he touches the screen: instant feedback is very important for the user to admit that the use of the contact all-in-one machine has been endured. The answer can be visual, such as the flat button function similar to the standard window button, or it can also be answered by sound, that is, the user will hear a click or other sound when touching the screen at any time. From the system point of view: Move the cursor of the mouse, and the user can pay attention to all the screens instead of the mouse arrow on the arrow screen, how can I use this arrow to do what I want to do? If the arrow is removed, the user's thinking and actions will change from indirect to direct. The real strength of the contact screen flashed out. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, face recognition visitor, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, Android industrial control all-in-one machine, industrial control touch display, etc. Products are widely used in multimedia advertising media, smart catering, smart retail, smart payment, smart community, smart home, smart access control, transportation, finance, electricity, tourism, hotels, smart manufacturing and other industries, products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America; In-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent hardware customization services. We have long-term experience in providing professional OEM/ODM/EMS services to well-known brands at home and abroad, and our research and development, quality and production capacity have been well received by our customers.
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