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Five points should be paid attention to when purchasing touch-in-one machine correctly


Firstly, touch-in-one computer includes hardware and software. Hardware includes computer host, display, cabinet and shell, touch screen, external equipment and so on. Software includes computer system and query software customized by customers. Referring to the hardware of touch-in-one machine, Nino Technologies reminds consumers that a touch screen manufactured or provided by a professional manufacturer refers to a glass that acts as a mouse to locate and determine the X and Y axes. It can not display human images and data, while images and data are displayed by a display under the touch screen.

The general touch screen integrator manufacturer sells the integrator without software and only provides hardware drivers. But professional manufacturers will customize the software according to customers'requirements.

Second, choose the appropriate touch-in-one machine

Touch-in-one machine is not the higher the configuration, the better. The so-called "fit for oneself" is * of course, smart customers understand these. The purpose of touch-in-one is defined before purchase, but the limitation of touch-in-one is that it should be able to support full-featured video, digital audio and network connectivity. Many customers tend to blindly configure the integrated machine when they purchase it, but they fail to give full play to the cost-effective ratio of the integrated machine in the use process, resulting in waste. Nino Technologies reminds you to choose the right one for yourself and not to be tired of high configuration! uuuuuuuuuu

Third, determine the display of touch-in-one machine

Touch query machine can only be queried by one person at the same time, so there is no need for too large display screen. If you want to choose a larger display, please note whether the display ratio is 4:3 or 16:9; the touch screen and the integrated cabinet must match the display. Installation of touch-in-one computer often requires the removal of the display shell, then the touch-screen body is attached to it and embedded in the integrated cabinet. It is difficult for users to detect the true or bad of the display. Bad suppliers in the market often make use of this to make the best of the bad and renew the old. Users are requested to clearly select the display model when signing the contract and check the authenticity when accepting the contract.

Fourth, determine the touch screen you need

As a human-computer interaction interface, touch screen has many technical principles, brands and models of origin since its invention. The price varies from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the quality varies, and the market is not standardized. At the same time, the touch screen is a fragile product, which is also placed in public places. It has high frequency of use. It is greatly affected by transportation, dust, moisture, electromagnetic interference and may even be scratched by hard objects and damaged by violence. Therefore, the probability of damage is very high. At present, there are few professional touch screen maintenance centers in ordinary cities, and the whole body is huge and difficult to transport, so the maintenance is very inconvenient. Once the touch screen is broken, the whole machine will not be able to use, so many touch screen machines will be reduced to a decoration after being damaged. Therefore, choosing an appropriate but not necessarily expensive touch screen is the key to the successful operation of a multimedia touch query system.

Fifth, pay attention to manufacturers'warranty regulations, etc.

Imported brands and well-known domestic brands are expensive, but the quality and service are guaranteed. More budget should be prepared on touch screens rather than on computer mainframes or monitors.

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