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Food channel appears at the 2020 takeout Industry

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
On December 17, the 2020 takeaway industry conference hosted by meituan was held in Beijing. With the theme of 'activate ecology, link the future', the conference is committed to providing the industry with new forms of delivery and new directions of industrial innovation from the industrial perspective, promoting the reform of delivery supply side, and achieving new profits and efficiency. As an important business partner of meituan takeout platform, the restaurant was invited to participate in the event. It is reported that the conference brought together the consensus and creativity of meituan takeout, businessmen and industry brains. Wang Puzhong, senior vice president of meituan and President of Jiajia business group, Guo Qi, President of Dayali catering group, Yan Yiteng, partner of IDG capital consumption industry, and other important guests attended the conference. They explored the transformation of China's takeout industry together with more than 700 prospective food industry participants and practitioners present Road. Wang Puzhong, senior vice president of meituan and President of family business group, delivered a speech at the conference. Meituan Research Institute and China Hotel Association jointly released the Research Report on China's takeout industry. According to the report, in 2019, China's takeout industry is expected to achieve a total transaction volume of 603.5 billion yuan, an increase of 30.8% compared with 2018, with a good overall development trend. At the same time, there are some new development trends in the growth of the whole industry: upgrading from a new model to a new format; changing the competition model from 'dividend driven' to 'efficiency driven', 'quality driven'; taking out helps regional economic development; expanding the ecological boundary of taking out. It can be said that a transformation of takeout industry upgrading is brewing in the catering industry. In the era of great changes, how to seek a systematic new management and service mode and create a higher value industrial form in the catering takeout industry with structural changes in user groups and market resources has become the top priority of the current development. In the process of intelligent transformation of catering industry, data is an important basis for the realization of enterprise innovation strategy. When the enterprise effectively uses the data, it can comprehensively improve the store operation efficiency through digitization, help the chain catering enterprise upgrade management, let consumers feel the intelligent service of the whole scene, and achieve efficiency improvement. According to the on-site staff of the catering channel, the catering channel is helping enterprises to achieve high-speed data processing through omni-channel management of SaaS platform + business data, and one by one breaking through the data application problems faced by catering enterprises. In the field of expanding the online ordering market, the first step is to get through many well-known takeout platforms, including meituan and hungry you. The data utilization efficiency of meal enterprises after docking will be greatly improved. The orders of the third-party takeout platform will be centralized in the takeout management system, which will facilitate the system management of meal enterprises and drain the network ordering users. The appearance of the restaurant in the 2020 takeout industry conference is not only so, but also helps the restaurant enterprises realize the unified management of multiple channels by docking POS, small programs, third-party takeout platforms and cash collection systems for merchants. And integrate the big data analysis ability, according to the customer's regional situation, usual eating habits and personal income and other information, carry out accurate data analysis, build user portraits, provide personalized take out ordering information for users, and accurately provide services required by customers. It is reported that at present, the restaurant has served more than 600 domestic and foreign chain brands, covering more than 40000 stores in more than 350 cities across the country, and has been awarded the title of 'excellent service provider' by meituan. At the conference, Wang Puzhong, senior vice president of meituan and President of family business group, said that in the next five years, the development focus of takeout industry will shift from the demand side to the supply side. For this reason, meituan will help tens of millions of businesses to build the 'next generation store' and realize digital operation. As an important partner of meituan's catering open platform, the catering channel will use many years of market precipitation experience, big data analysis technology, and innovative business model to provide catering retail enterprises with integrated o2o solutions such as takeout management system, distribution system, data middle platform, BI data analysis, system hosting, and share industry chain resources with meituan and other catering peers More catering customers are empowered to jointly promote the development of new take out business.
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