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For wisdom can store fu 丨 business m star set up shop in same artifact!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
From 'Chinese restaurant', 'the tide partner' to the 'I'd like to open a shop', people work from want to ask a trembling to intend to open a shop, and the chosen partner. Variety show the wind direction iteration update with the transition of the social economic form. Domestic first star element partnership of actual combat management class variety 'I'd like to open a shop in jiangsu TV and youku video broadcast, the program, sponsored jointly by a great product, quotient m, aims to help more through practical operation has a dream of a guest realize open a shop. Star, cross-border hatch store business partnership for star manager protect guard I'd like to open a shop by Guo Jingfei, xin wu, Wu Xuanyi, Huang Minghao, 5 guest respectively with five li gen partner, to & other; Stores throughout & dreams; Challenge. It is worth mentioning that in January 6 Japanese rice will launch 5 new set up shop in same artifact as a star, has first appeared in the star the boss of the shop. It is understood that the five products are designed by international industry to master David, both the functional aspect of products at the same time very beauty industry, on the design to bring extreme human experiences to users. So far, developers, including m products have won the red dot award, the iF award, the G Mark, 12 top international design awards. It is no wonder that in addition to the star in the program stores, many stars, web celebrity private stores such as jay Chou undertaken milk tea, let you go up and modest, the Chen He xian zhuang, etc are made of rice products. For star shop want to break & other; Online traffic & throughout; With & other; Offline sales & throughout; The conversion of barriers, the biggest challenge is offline entities shop floor and operations. Shang meters for 'I want to open a shop you're smart IoT devices, not only good-looking appearance, but also for the star manager provides digital stores system solutions, can help them more scientific, systematic management. Star set up shop in same artifact meters in 2020 to make new product to the buds of xin wu bear stores the installed D2s COMBO desktop cash register as an example, the device flagship stores, snack shop. It will double screen, before and after 58 seiko thermal printers, 89 commercial keyboard and complete the function such as MINI cashbox step, effectively avoid the merchants themselves with other parts of the problem such as incompatible, can greatly improve the efficiency of the whole store cashier. In addition, this design minimizes the area, let the shopkeepers can checkout much put a few other small commodities, for customers with choice. All the power cord, data line, a built-in, eliminate mixed and disorderly, let the customer pay experience comfortable a lot. D2s COMBO in front of the shop owner has 15. 6 inch hd touch screen, there is 10 in front of the customer. 1 inch color screen, convenient in a noisy environment, the shopkeeper and customer to confirm information in time; And the volume horn clear message category, price, etc, don't have to worry about leakage, leakage of single payment. The shop owner also optional 3 d face recognition camera, it supports brush face pay financial level, the same process for customers to pay. Xin wu after she used in bud bear, was full of praise for it. Show medium yellow MingHao drinks store mans agent used in desktop cash register is white, m D2, attracted many eyeballs. On the upcoming new D2s LITE is its upgrading, on the screen and speaker performance are improved. The device of the minimalist design and fuselage dark orange color, look have yan and cool is quite advanced, very accord with the present young people's aesthetic. Mainly used in the main young consumers drink shop, fashion boutiques. Brush it smooth face pay function, also can realize seconds seconds to pay, single cut line up quickly. D2 MINI desktop cash registers, concise small horizontal fuselage with senior black ash, fit easily into various store environment. It also comes with dual color screen, large volume horn design. In food, park canteens the food stalls, 10. 1 inch screen makes the owner can trust wet hand, wear gloves to touch, 4 before other customers. 3 inch screen, it can display a qr code for the payments and payment amount, customer use only 0. 5 seconds, can achieve scan payment, take meal in the peak passenger flow fast, reduce queuing time, bring efficient dining experience. It the machine oil, IPX2 waterproof, where V0 fire prevention, insect-resistant, can cope with the extreme environment, greatly save the maintenance cost in addition to the three versions of D series, shang meters will be synchronized on new FT1 MINI hanging brush face a cash register, P2 with this device, omni-directional meets industry more scenarios using demand of the owner. Dealer meters can boot with all equipment, don't need to debug the match. Tie-in SUNMI OS can realize custom buttons, a key needed for direct business. , m is a leading global intelligent commercial hardware innovative Internet company. In 2016 launched the world's first android intelligent commercial pos V1, in just three years, traders to launched more than 40 m centralized explosive smart IoT devices, and are exported to more than 190 countries and regions in the world, become the deserved & other; Black & throughout; 。 As leader of building real-time digital stores, are meters to & other; Altruistic heart & throughout; As core values, coupling partners, open platform, for the global merchants from all walks of life to provide out-of-the-box IoT devices and stores digital solutions, the power merchants business operation and continued growth, realizing the commercial prosperity.
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