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Fresh supermarket business pain points? A cashier system!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology in the areas of the city in the new store mode & ndash; — Fresh store, its operation mode will all goods categories in a store, and novel model consumers love. Past vegetable market is a clear division of responsibilities, dozens of business archives mouths, and fruit is fruit, vegetable is a vegetable, meat is meat, very lively, is now different. In the developing, however, also can bring some new problems, such as store business pain points, how to choose a better fresh store cashier system to management, etc. The following store cashier system as an example, the newsletter day explain. One, stores management of procurement, inventory (raw stores are needed for everyday goods, must be given priority to with fresh to get the love of consumers, but it's difficult to management, whether it's fruits, vegetables, or meats, due to time constraints, if on the day of rest, means more losses, also can bring more money loss. But think fast days store fresh store cashier system, support powerful enters sells saves, purchasing will supplier of fine management, orders, inventory, check all routing, clear process, avoid the inventory messy, procurement, accounts, inventory management can also set up the early warning, the goods not enough or backlog, can real-time notification in advance, effectively avoid the capital loss; Second, the management of data report (the business store, each part is the indispensable important constituent, the existence of various data report is the embodiment of the best for a stores operating conditions, but a lot of fresh stores, due to imperfect management, daily gross margin, trading water lights is responsible by human, including inventory data, error prone, labor costs are on the rise, but think fast days store cashier system to provide a variety of business data report, gross margin analysis, transaction flow, inventory data, and other business daily, monthly summary reports for the use of store boss analysis, stores management documented management more scientific. Three, a member of store management growth spot nowadays, for many entity stores, member means that traffic, traffic means more attention, can bring more consumption, therefore in the process of operation, membership growth, retained into stores and a big pain points, but the competition is intense, in limited circumstances, how to increase by means of simple and the club members? This time we must keep up with fast days store cashier system, system support rich membership marketing scenario, merchants can according to your own stores, such as may, according to membership information, stored value, integration, promotion and other members of the marketing management functions, set up different activities, to achieve new, retained, after purchase, online and offline marketing play closed type, effectively reduce the activity costs at the same time, also can increase the propaganda of the brand. Fresh store operation and management, of course, there are many other pain points, can't say a cashier system alone, but to efficient management, the system must be used fresh store.
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