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Fresh supermarket cashier system real case: we accept fresh supermarket

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
Fresh industry emerged over the past few years, ali's box of raw ma or other means that the consumer is a big demand for this industry. So a professional fresh supermarket cashier system is also essential. Today small make up shortly before the guest easy to forge I accept fresh supermarket as an example. Speak of how to build digital fresh supermarket. My yue square, is a new city holding its flagship brand of commercial real estate. By 2019, new city holdings has opened more than 70 large and medium-sized cities in China are under construction and in 96 I yue square, covering large shopping centers, theme commercial street, department store, and the people most in need of fresh market. Value of qidong opened the first anniversary of my yue square, we accept 2 fresh supermarket. 0 a new upgrade for the opening, bring more convenient service for the people, the guest is easy for our yue fresh supermarket upgrade provides a digital system. On December 20, 2019, qidong we accept 2 fresh supermarket. 0 new hits, guest safe for fresh supermarket provides digital cashier system upgrade. Qidong we accept 2 fresh supermarket. 0 business area of over 2400 square meters, all kinds of food full of beautiful things in eyes, market overall environment clean and tidy. So, the guest how secure digital cashier system and the smoke gas of perfect combination of fresh supermarket? System with digital member guest safe Internet & other; Pay the membership & throughout; Function, help businesses to realize digital member management to consumers. Consumer can receive merchants pay, after the completion of the membership card to WeChat card package. As is known to all, WeChat frequently used in daily life is extremely high. According to statistics, in 2016, to read the active WeChat fans have 8. 8. 9 billion, China's population of 1. 3 billion. This means that about seven out of ten people in the use of WeChat. Using digital member's management style, to cut the consumers with entity card inconvenience, merchants for membership classification management is also more convenient, also can send coupons to consumers through guest have the background, increase user viscosity. System has a series of digital marketing guest safe Internet marketing tools, such as sending merchants electronic coupons, mass activity promotion, and WeChat public number and small programs and so on. And, more importantly, the guest easy can help businesses to achieve precise digital marketing. Work with guest safe businesses, can get a certain amount of WeChat free advertising gold circle of friends. Through accurate delivery, customer from online to offline. Online shopping online mall for traditional market to the digital transformation, new retail is also essential. Online shopping, can greatly improve the consumer experience, especially the young consumer groups, is an important supplement of sales channels. Guest comfortable exclusive small program to help market development, build a online mall, consumers can browse through WeChat small program, orders and queries, merchants delivery after receiving the order. Such already built a new platform for consumers and market, also need not spend a lot of cost to realize the online shopping offline distribution, is an excellent new sales platform. It is very effective for attract young consumer groups, can greatly expand the sales performance. Someone once said: if you want to know a city, just go to the local supermarket, because it has the grounding gas atmosphere, rich with another kind of color appearance of the city. If you come to qidong we accept fresh supermarket, in addition to feel & other; Three meals a day two people & throughout; Fireworks gas, but also can experience a thriving technology from guest comfortable feeling!
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