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Fun way cashier software, solve the traditional catering predicament!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
With the development of the society and the gradual improvement of the living standard, people's demand for food and beverage is also growing. Facing a tidal wave rolling in several intellectualization, traditional restaurant cashier system obviously there are a lot of congenitally deficient, hard to keep up with the pace of The Times development, consumers into the store experience is horrible. Based on the function of the Windows operating system and PC equipment integration is not enough, not connected to the Internet, between single upgrade slow, no follow-up service, software security is not high and the disadvantages of traditional large power consumption, etc. The cashier system, boring way based on Android development of science and technology of boring way cashier software arises at the historic moment, aims to serve more traditional catering enterprises, through & other; Shop online & throughout; To help traditional food and beverage, change under the age of the Internet restaurant management faces all sorts of problems. So, boring way cashier software mainly from the aspects of power traditional dining out? We look together. 1) , fusion major delivery platform and payment method, although there are many take-out platform at present, but there is no unified standard and never think of merchants the efficiency problem, because the configuration differences between the platform and is often a mobile connect a printer, especially with the emergence of city distribution team, the restaurant also need to arrange personnel constantly address information of the input, while consuming energy increased labor costs. Based on this, boring way rewrite the ROM, through to baidu, Meituan, hungry? Each big delivery platform, unified handling your order, instant notification, the kitchen, and a key to the address information sent to the distribution team. Just need to deal with mobile payment, boring way of iPOS also broke the barriers between payment, at the same time support traditional unionpay card, WeChat pay, pay treasure, pay Meituan, flash and other Internet payment, to a great extent, improve the speed of collection and the customer's consumption experience, will occupy a large proportion of the traditional catering labor costs down to a minimum. 2) , promote the overall operating efficiency of the restaurant, build wisdom shops catering to solve the problem of efficiency should be first, the traditional catering enterprises operating efficiency is low, discontinuity in often happen in the process of information transmission, such as consumer after the next single, front office unable to transfer information in a timely manner to the kitchen, hot dishes, cold dishes and drinks the number of matching error prone, the serious influence to some extent the operating efficiency of the restaurant. Interesting way in information transmission and management focus, once consumers order completed, cashier system can be received immediately, and quickly will be distributed clear detailed instructions to the kitchen and food distribution personnel, the restaurant's overall operating efficiency through boring cashier software got very big improvement. 3) , the standard function of ERP, through the upstream supply chain in order to help the restaurant operators to provide operational and profit figures, boring way cashier software procurement storage module is added to the standard of EPR ( Enterprise resource planning) Function, the module can be according to the initial ingredients every day remaining inventory, inventory and product sales loss calculated automatically trigger a restocking of procurement proposal plan, the purchasing plan after the restaurant operators to modify, can be a key chain sent to the headquarters or upstream ingredient suppliers. On the one hand, can store the trading data of consumption, consumption category, through the overall analysis, adjust business strategy, avoid unsalable, reduce inventory pressure, on the other hand can also calculate how much is the cost of a dish, the traffic of the day, turn over rate, sales, profit margins, such as data, and according to the monthly rent cost and artificial cost calculated whether can be profitable, a people never leave home can manage more than a dozen stores operating conditions at the same time. 4) , improve food information transparency, and ensure the safety of profit management in traditional catering enterprises, food procurement is boss of post, when stores open until a certain number, the boss can't do everything for, and the actual operators easily through food purchasing transfer profits, and fun way cashier software can put each order data real-time reflected in the cloud, the boss can monitor at home all the revenue of the store and purchasing conditions. Will store orders and kitchen food consumption after get through, after the dish is made of, the system will automatically deduct corresponding to the number of ingredients, if the order fraud at great cost to the price, to achieve food procurement transparency, the restaurant's sales and profits will be clear at a glance.
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