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Gas station cash collection system realizes mobile

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
In the past, drivers used to pay for fuel by cash, and the service station staff wore a purse to change, and then input the amount in the management software. This often increases the time for car refueling, and it is easy to cause congestion during peak hours. Using the cash collection system of Yingyi gas station can realize mobile cash collection, self-service payment and quick settlement. Without an effective mechanism, oil owners often choose a single 'price reduction' promotion to attract car owners. The effect is not only not ideal, but also easy to cause the surrounding oil stations to start a 'price war';. In this way, the profit of the service station declines, and the dishonest oil owners begin to replace the inferior ones, which leads to the decline of the quality of the oil products. The owners gradually form a fixed thinking that the price of the private service station is low because of the poor quality of the oil products, and the gain is not worth the loss. In the aspect of solving the mobile payment problem of gas stations, the management background of dianyingyi gas station can provide a variety of stable payment methods for gas stations. It is applicable to a variety of payment scenarios, such as the car owner's code scanning payment, the fuel dispenser's independent collection, and the cash register's centralized collection. Improve the collection efficiency of gas stations and put an end to the phenomenon of car owners queuing for gas in peak hours. In addition to improving efficiency, mobile payment can also reduce the risk of bank error and financial risk for gas stations. Provides a complete solution for member lifecycle management. Provide flexible tools for member filing, member stratification, member precise marketing and member recall, help the service station owner to lock in the regular customers, improve member stickiness and quickly improve business performance. Meanwhile, the company will provide a car owners' membership Center for the petrol stations. The owners can pay attention to the official account and check their member balance and membership benefits through the member center. At the same time, it also establishes a bridge between the service station and the owner. In fact, the price is not the ultimate reason for the owner to choose a gas station. It is the most important problem to solve in the traditional operation mode of gas station to improve the efficiency of gas station, keep the users and attract new customers. As service station operators, we need to find a real solution. It's better to apply the right medicine to the right situation.
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