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google wallet, rip?

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-31
NEW YORK (MainStreet)
The drumming of the announcement of death is growing around Google Wallet, at least in the use of smartphone sales.
Multiple sources predict it will be killed \"quietly.
The smoking gun that sparked rumors was the ouster of Osama Bidir in May 8, the chief architect of the wallet and its public image.
As Bedier appeared on the street, it was reported that Google was pulling out the plug at the wallet sales point.
According to several experts, Google may retain its wallet as an online purchase tool (à la PayPal)
The company also recently announced the integration of Google Wallet as a personal payment tool within Gmail (
Where money can be \"attached\" to the email).
See also: NFC is dead, long term nfcem at Google I/O meeting last week, CTO John Haro, mobile marketing company Vibes, he said, the meeting revealed important indirect news about the future of the wallet.
He elaborated: \"Google announced the launch of the wallet object api for discount and loyalty cards, which is the first time Google has really expanded to non-
The payment area of digital wallets.
The new technology aims to solve the convenience problem of consumers managing paper coupons and loyalty cards in a way similar to Apple Passbook.
This means that the wallet is becoming a passbook. -
If the course lacks point of sale trading tools--
Obviously, this has had an impact on retail experiments, and Google had hoped its wallet would take advantage of close-range communications (NFC)
Buy at the merchant. (
Google did not respond to requests for comment at the time of submission. )
\"There is no doubt that they will kill this in my opinion,\" said a senior analyst at a highly respected technology research company.
He asked for anonymity because his company did not authorize him to speak on Google Wallet.
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\"This space is not mature,\" he explained.
\"Google has the resources to take a step back and solve things.
Three years later, when the mobile wallet at the point of sale matures as a category, they may enter the front row seats through acquisitions.
\"Mobile wallets will not mature in three to five years,\" said another expert . \".
He pointed out that one of the reasons Google expects to quit is the lack of urgency.
See also: the real secret of the digital wallet may be in your other pocket. He also said that the burden on Google Wallet is a barrier that can only be used on a few phones, mainly from Sprint.
It\'s not easy to solve without a installed user base, because at least for now, AT&T, Verizon, and T-
Mobile companies are still officially seeking their Isis point-of-sale network and say they lack the enthusiasm to support Google Wallet, which is built in most cases around the same technology as Isis.
See also: the expert says digital wallets lack collective spirit. The second blow to Google Wallet is its continued lack of energy
At the point of sale.
Few outlets accept it --
They need smart point-of-sale terminals that can handle NFC, and most retailers are working on terminal upgrades because of what they plan to do to meet Visa and MasterCard requirements that they are able to handle EMV (
Chip and Pin)cards by 2015.
In this indecisive situation, upgrading to NFC is not on the desktop now for most retailers.
Another expert said strike 3 is that financial institutions that need to play by allowing credit and debit cards to enter their wallets are still cautious about how Google plans to process customer data.
Bedier\'s speech at the industry conference-
The company insists it does not intend to own the data because it belongs to financial institutions.
But at the same time, Google said it did not want to charge for a credit or debit card exchange in the transaction --
Google says all this money belongs to financial institutions.
Google can still do this because it plans to offer targeted offers and ads to Google Wallet users, which-
Several experts pointed out
It seems to suggest that Google plan to classify the transaction data before passing the transaction data to financial institutions.
Google\'s vague intent on trading data has become a major obstacle in the eyes of financial institutions, an expert said.
Coupled with this, the company seems to have failed in all three key aspects in the years of Google Wallet Mobile: consumers rarely adopt Google Wallet-ready devices, and there is little supply in the retail industry, financial institutions are also upset about Google\'s intentions.
See also: an expert who asked for anonymity said fear and aversion to digital wallets \"I bet that Google will exit the wallet at the point of sale within 12 months of my life \".
\"It really doesn\'t have a chance to get a share in today\'s market. No chance. \"--
Written by Robert McGarvey for MainStreet--
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