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govt considering rolling out 2nd phase of fertiliser dbt

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-07
New Delhi: The government is seriously considering the direct supply of fertilizer subsidies to farmers in the second phase of the implementation of direct interest transfer (DBT)
A senior fertilizer official said on Thursday the plan.
In October 2017, the first phase of the fertilizer DBT was introduced, according to which, after checking the retail data obtained through the point of sale, the subsidy will be transferred to the company (PoS)machines.
The transfer of the fertilizer subsidy directly to the farmers\' bank account will take place in the second phase after the input is obtained from Niti Aayog.
The government pays more than Rs 70,000 a year for fertilizer subsidies to provide farmers with cheaper agricultural nutrition.
\"We want to try to provide fertilizer subsidies directly to farmers\' bank accounts.
Now, there\'s an idea on this line.
Now, we are ready for the second phase of implementation. When and how --
\"This is under discussion,\" the official told PTI . \".
In addition, he said the government plans to make some improvements to the existing fertilizer DBT by allowing retailers to use desktops or laptops and POS machines to run smoothly.
\"Now, the DBT platform is based on POS machines.
We are launching a desktop or laptop version.
Due to the small screen of POS machines, retailers sometimes face operational problems.
In addition to PoS, retailers can buy desktops or laptops. \"There are 2.
25 lakh fertilizer retailers across the country.
Do not scrap POS machine.
The official added that providing a laptop or desktop computer would help to do business easily.
Initially, there were some problems with the implementation of DBT, but over time they have been addressed, adding that the government now wants to focus on improving the strength of the platform.
The government paid 74,000 rupees in fertilizer subsidies in 2018. 19 fiscal.
In the current 78,000, the budget of about Rs 2019 is used to cover fertilizer subsidies. 20 fiscal.
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