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Guangdong Tianbo intelligent POS products have

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
Whether face swiping payment, code scanning payment or traditional card swiping payment or cash payment, the security of capital transaction is often the most concerned issue. At the beginning of December, the latest list of products that have passed the security certification of UnionPay card acceptance terminals published by China UnionPay included 72 intelligent point of sale terminals, 44 pin input devices, 9 self-service terminals, etc. Guangdong Tianbo ranks among them with its two intelligent terminals, namely, the intelligent POS machine tps900 as the intelligent point of sale terminal and the tps328 as the pin input device, both of which have passed the UnionPay security authentication. In addition to the credit card payment, in the field of payment for the brush face with higher technical requirements, the first generation Alipay Dragonfly face payment cash register F1 launched by Tian Po and Alipay can guarantee the speed and safety of the brush face payment through the 3D structured light face recognition and intelligent AI algorithm, and achieve the dependable brush face payment. Being able to cooperate with Alipay is enough to prove the excellent quality and good reputation of Tian Bo in China. In foreign countries, Nielsen report, a famous American financial journal and authoritative payment industry magazine, also reported the latest tps988 of Guangdong Tianbo. Founded 50 years ago, the Nielsen report is regarded as the most respected news and analysis source in the global bankcard and mobile payment industry. As one of the representatives of China's advanced payment equipment manufacturers, tps900 of Tianbo intelligent POS machine was published in the Nielsen report as early as 2017. The sky wave brush face payment terminal and Alipay dragonfly F1 brush face payment cash register can be linked to cash registers, code scans, small ticket printers and even silver scales. Besides ordinary scan code payment and face payment cashier scene, portable cash register, self-service ordering, cash register weighing, and face recognition and identity verification can be realized. This year is the first year of face painting payment. While the upsurge of face painting payment is set off in China, it has also attracted the attention and reference of foreign countries. In order to welcome the World Expo 2025, part of the subway in Osaka, Japan began to introduce face painting. As long as the passengers input and upload the photos in advance, they can enter the station and pay the subway fare in 133 stations. According to the person in charge, the way to introduce face painting payment and face painting into the station is to consider that a large number of tourists who come to Osaka will carry their luggage, and do not need to free their hands to coin or swipe their cards for face painting and face painting. It is more convenient to pass the subway gate, reduce the queuing and congestion in the station, and also reduce the loss caused by ticket loss. It can be seen that face payment has become a global trend. Its popularity is not only to provide faster and secure payment methods, but also to liberate people's hands, liberate payment media and realize better payment experience.
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