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Handheld PDA terminal APP scene order, data cloud print to make enterprise management more easily, improve the efficiency of enterprises. _ printing devices

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
For many entrepreneurs, managing internal very trouble, in business, warehouse, sales is a big problem, often leads to business information is not comprehensive, inventory management, sales staff can not know the inventory situation in a timely manner. So, enterprises should how to solve, save and sales management problem? Purchasing intelligent track purchasing price, warning replenishment, intelligent replenishment, custom order replenishment strategy to pin, the optimal purchasing strategy, to prevent a single is not available, to avoid inventory current payments and receipts and payments to clear grasp, which is based on data, purchasing cost real-time view procurement detailed history records all the way, to automatically generate purchasing analysis report, help you easily decision to implement multiple sourcing transaction mode: the door procurement, cash spot; First order, cod; Advance payment order, after the first paragraph goods inventory warehouse in allocating more, data synchronization, perfect solution between the goods of the same price, base, allocating problem shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , PDA wireless warehouse inventory system USES no regular plate and component inventory, fill in the inventory data system automatically calculate the profit and loss quantity and amount, does not affect the business completely and solve the enterprise inventory problem inventory alert, can ensure the minimum inventory and the inventory, to avoid a single no stock or take up money and goods expired result in the loss of PDA picking achieve paperless operation, greatly improve the picking efficiency, effectively reduce the labor costs, help people picking performance statistics, improve work enthusiasm sales order APP site, data cloud print, warehouse ready for the fast delivery, timely response, fast one step; Bluetooth wireless connection to print, print receipts, anytime, no longer plagued by distance. In addition, the term enters sells saves the financial integration software also has many management functions such as financial management, customer tracking, make enterprise management more easily, improve the efficiency of enterprises.
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