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Hangzhou school 'smart canteen' version 3.0 makes

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
&'Education with flat office and high quality' is a new requirement of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for education. As the capital city of Zhejiang Province, how can Hangzhou move towards the goal of better quality when all kinds of education are in a relatively high equilibrium? How to meet the new needs of urban and rural people for education? How to make this city of quality more beautiful because of education? Hangzhou education uses a series of actions to find the answer. At 12:00 p.m. in version 3.0 of 'smart canteen' of Hangzhou school, senior three students of Hangzhou No.11 middle school left class and went to the canteen. The whole process was orderly, and there was no 'big scene' of 'charge eating hall';. When entering the canteen, the five window screens correspond to the five packages of 'a, B, C, D and E'. Students will queue in the corresponding window according to the packages selected in advance on the order machine. When it's Xiao Chen's turn to receive the meal, he just points his face at the face recognition machine and immediately pops up the information of & ldquo; student name, package type, account balance & rdquo; on the screen. After Xiao Chen's approval, click to confirm. At this time, the aunt of the canteen has delivered the prepared dishes to the window. The whole process does not exceed 8 seconds. The first smart canteen in China was born in Hangzhou, which is Hangzhou 11th middle school. &'Every day, there are more than 1000 students in the school, but there are always more than 50 students who can't eat because they don't have their meal cards or because they lose them. &Ni Ziyuan, headmaster of Hangzhou No.11 middle school, said that the original intention of applying face painting technology to students' dining in the canteen was to facilitate students' dining and avoid the inconvenience brought by carrying cards in the past, which is also the embodiment of the school's innovative school running system and philosophy. Hangzhou 11th middle school is a miniature of the achievements of Hangzhou Education Bureau in promoting the construction of smart canteen. At present, the primary and secondary school meals have attracted more and more attention of the society. In order to provide students with safe, delicious and healthy meals, Hangzhou actively promotes the construction of the school's smart canteen. The logistics management branch of primary and secondary schools of Zhejiang Education Logistics Association cooperates with Hangzhou agricultural and sideline products logistics network technology Co., Ltd. to develop the sunshine diet information service platform of primary and secondary schools in Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou Education Bureau and Hangzhou education assets operation and management center, as the director and secretary-general units of the Logistics Management Branch of primary and secondary schools, organize and participate in the construction of the platform in the whole process. As the first batch of students' self-service ordering school in Hangzhou, six schools in Hangzhou No.11 middle school first experienced the function of students' self-service ordering. Relying on the platform, Hangzhou 11th middle school has realized intelligent ordering, intelligent purchasing and face painting dining. The platform can also build a database according to the students' ordering situation, and generate a nutrition report for each student, so that parents can understand their children's eating habits. Integrating the data reports of all students constitutes a big data of student nutrition. At present, the use of the city's primary and secondary school catering information service platform has achieved full coverage, Hangzhou No.9 middle school, Jiangnan experimental school and many other schools have achieved smart ordering, and Hangzhou smart canteen version 3.0 is realizing & hellip; & hellip;
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