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│ hisense, easy to access business group, business association activities and enterprise groups to CHINASHOP 2019

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
On November 6 - 9, shenzhen retail intelligence information industry association group in the 21st session of China's retail industry exhibition ( CHINASHOP) 。 During the exhibition, the association visited the exhibition in depth the leadership of the association of member companies booth, inquiring operating conditions, information communication industry and seek common development in the future. CHINASHOP 2019 is sponsored by the China association of chain operation of domestic highest specifications industry event, the exhibition attracted a total global nearly thousand enterprises exhibitors, a total of 110000 square meters exhibition area. Association of nearly 100 member enterprises group took part in this exhibition, exhibition booth mostly concentrated in the N5 / N6 / S5 / S6 international intelligent information technology exhibition hall. Each has its advantages in the forefront of innovation, product innovation drive technology in the three days of the exhibition displayed along with the domestic and foreign advanced, staged unlimited wonderful & hellip; … Tree head enterprises during the fair, benchmarking association Li Hongming traded with Intel, general manager of retail Alec Gefrides together to each member units to visit our booth. Qingdao hisense hisense intelligent commercial system co. , LTD. LUNA X + screen kiosks, cashier a whole scale and exhibit attracted the attention of numerous visitors, LUNA X + realize the innovative application of a fully functional peripherals and components, building artificial, self-help, mobile cashier whole scene in the form of more self-service checkout system. Zhongke ying tai is commercial systems co. , LTD. Qingdao zhongke ying tai booth, AlecGefrides first experience for bakery shop custom self-service register. Thumb up the AI batch identification technology, fast identification of the function of the variety of goods, sure it convenient to provide customers with innovative. Easy to access business group shenzhen easy access business group technology co. , LTD. , and thought communication, pay treasure to jointly build 2020 wisdom pay new plan & other; Tianma & throughout; Integration of POS solution, set & other; In a pampered & throughout; 。 Its forward-looking brush face pay, wisdom, marketing & other; Take charge of skills & throughout; Save all of the sentiment, make enough attention. M this session of the exhibitors the excellences, Shanghai business m digital technology group co. , LTD. Introduction of digital town & other Hardware + content & throughout; Leading experience new wave, the exhibition attracted a large audience the exhibition to clock out. Think fast shenzhen thought newsletter software co. , LTD. Promoted the thought communications course, gourmet dining new products such as cloud, attention by the participation of the audience. Course is fast and easy to access business group jointly build a new ecological wisdom pay, brush brush face namely binding members, face or marketing. Wisdom stores integration by the association of shenzhen ji fang industrial co. , LTD and Intel, the wisdom of the collaboration between stores open platform integration system at Intel exhibition area. Intelligent integration system to simplify the whole store IT system deployment operations; Improve the upstream and downstream of hardware and software, cloud platform compatibility. This is industry of a high standard of exhibition became to show the charm of China retail intelligence information industry high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen as an industry enterprises and technical centers: a variety of high quality hardware and software items, intelligent advanced high-end equipment, the dynamic innovation technology at home and abroad to show the strength and charm of intelligence information to be reckoned with in today's China. Li Huichang program member enterprise achievements gave full affirmation and praise, and encourage enterprises to the exhibition as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with advanced enterprises, drive the pace of transformation and upgrading of retail by intelligent! Visit exchange words in recent years, the future retail information industry show positive growth, but growth slowed slightly, the displaying CHINASHOP is exchange POS domain of new products, research at home and abroad enterprise development new POS technology, forward-looking industry development trend, and explore an opportunity in the market. During the exhibition, the association leadership also visited the related enterprise, with various corporate executives and the product, the marketing director exchanged views on industry common concern topic, follow-up reports. In the exhibition, each member enterprise, booths and popularity, professional audience & other; Linger throughout the &; , deliver the retail intelligence from high speed to the high quality of advanced development concept, with the thumb up sound reflects the retail information industry transformation and upgrading of fruitful results & hellip; … This exhibition tour exhibitors, harvest quite abundant. Through visiting also make each service function of the exhibitors know more about society and exhibition service platform, visit enterprise's consistent high praise, for the future work service exhibitors, service industry has established the better contact channels. In the future society will continue to play a pivotal role of bridge, completes the industry service work, make new contributions to the development of the industry.
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