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Hot face brush sweep yards self-service register, alipay and WeChat promotion wave will bring a wave of dividend period!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
Brush face to pay in addition to the transportation system, a lot of convenience stores, shopping malls also gradually appeared. Zhejiang xinhua bookstore group also access brush face pay alipay, & other; Throughout the first &; Has been located in zhejiang nearly 40 xinhua bookstore. Popular supermarket sweep brush face code which strong self-service register? Pay treasure in the field of brush face boldly, WeChat pay to run. In 2019, tencent global digital ecological WeChat points on the BBS, WeChat pay team released & other; Brush face payment & throughout; The open policy: open SDK interface to the businessman and the partner. Some businesses have got WeChat and pay treasure to camera authorization, soon will have their own equipment. But still have some problems, let's look at what problem is? Question 1: how to make delivery? How to build for us? Have a training installation? A: this can be at ease, after working all our machines, payment can directly take, also can go home after we send directly to your company location, installation is very simple, we have the video and installation process, do you use the computer normally, 3 minutes, the whole installation process is 3 minutes. Question 2: brush face backstage software? How to collect money? A: brush face backstage is software, there are four background, a background, business background, agent background, plus a merchant App. Question 3: policy will change? A: will certainly change, with the development of the market, popularize the acceptance of people more and more high, the threshold will be more and more high, subsidies will be less and less, this is a working process. Question 4: how much per transaction 1 pen subsidies? Every trade subsidies to 0. Five yuan ( Every sum is greater than 2 yuan) 。 Main products & other; Dragonfly & throughout; Brush face payment product, belongs to the leading domestic system, has accumulated hundreds of thousands of merchant service, continuous commission lying to earn profit pattern, already member let into the part of millions of people to earn the life first. The future will also create more millionaires. Share economic era, if can stand in the top position, easy monthly salaries of less of a problem. Supermarket sweep brush face code self-service register, into tiny venture capital funds, which will be a large user fission system, when the level 1 level 1 points down, maybe you are a millionaire! On the whole! Brush face the payment industry is the trend of the next two years, is the sweep code another bonus period after payment if you only have a small start-up capital, if you still have the dream of entrepreneurship, if you haven't found the direction of the employment, now if you are still waiting to see mobile payment business, don't miss the bonus period! On December 13, pay treasure to announce a new brush face pay products, this device can access offline store, the cashier popular supermarket sweep brush face code self-service register support users in the hospital, supermarket, restaurant, brand stores, convenience stores, and even wet markets, brush a face is to pay the money. The compound eye to 2. 80000, the human eye to 0. 5 seconds to see the outline, in less than 0. 01 seconds can see. To look like a desk lamp to replace & other; The light bulb & throughout; Location is the size of a book is brushed face display. It access to the cash register, and placed on the counter, customers need to brush a face on the camera can rapid payment. Published to pay treasure to IoT division general manager & other; A popular supermarket sweep brush face code self-service register face gone through the era of Internet of things & throughout; Can see the topic speech, pay treasure to ambition in the face recognition application layout. Brush face technology can distinguish the twins, took four years has reached the level of financial security when alipay, product display, all kinds of makeup look not so blocking. But in some mobile phone products face recognition function of some experiments, there are still some extreme cases, such as the twins can't be divided. In the same scenario involves the vital interests of pay. The nearer the consumer place, was the fierce battle. “ The new retail & throughout; As offline traffic centre, bear the brunt of nature. During the war of no gunpowder smoke, & other; Entrance to the battle & throughout; Is the first step. Such as a piece of red sea & other; Smart home & throughout; Field, intelligent speakers and wisdom screen has caused the big entrance of a bloody battle. The new payment link in retail scenarios, supermarket sweep brush face code self-service register is the most closely connected to the consumer's entrance. Pay treasure and WeChat for face promotion, more will take up a wave of industry dividend period.
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