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how a pos should function

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-05
The participating organizations or outlets have been in use for several years.
These POS machines, thanks to their interconnected capabilities, have completely changed the retail industry, allowing some machines without POS or even high-speed machines to handle telecom transactions is not possible.
Transactions like automatic debit/credit purchases, when you buy things in a store, if there is no high-speed communication between your bank and the store you shop, it is impossible to buy.
It is the communication of the machine to the machine that makes it possible for any company to access the records in the database of another company, where the purchase records are inserted, and have your banking system automatically reflect the purchase when you access the record.
Now that most POS are using these machines to the telecom of the machine, the focus of these POS machines has changed, so that these POS machines are easier to use.
Before POS machines were used in large quantities, cash registers were used in large quantities around the world
From mechanical to electrical to electronic.
The only problem with all these cash registers is the complexity of their functionality.
The earliest mechanical cash register used keys and levers to make it work, while the electrical version successfully automated the cash register only by replacing the tie rod with an electric motor.
E-cash register, while not looking like it used to be, also suffers from complications, especially if it has a lot of features.
Of course, it is faster, more efficient, and smaller than the mechanical or electrical version.
But as a cash register, in order to use it properly, you have to do something, and training in using an electronic cash register usually takes time before you become familiar with its features.
Using POS, the change from the button representing the function to the visual icon representing its use makes it easier for the clerk to retain the training they have to use the POS system.
You have to keep in mind that most of the POS systems used today are just a fairly large screen where you can touch specific areas of the screen where you can see icons for specific features you want to use.
This technology is called \"touch screen \".
You actually touch the screen, where you can see the icon of the feature you want to use.
In order to have a touch screen function, the LCD screen itself must be a touch screen, POS machine supports this type of LCD screen and POS software based on touch screen, instead of just using the normal POS software of the keyboard or navigating the screen with the mouse.
The beauty of touch screen POS is its simplicity.
You might have seen some old science fiction.
The touch screen was not invented many years ago.
We are surprised that these films display and use touch screens in scenes involving display screens.
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