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How about ptksai advertising machine? Ptksai ads refresh ads New positioning

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
How about ptksai advertising machine? Refreshing advertising new positioning the advertising resources of shared media will have subversive effects. At present, there are widespread pain points in the media industry, such as unsaturated advertising on commercial display screens and idle advertising screens for many periods of time. Yunlian sharing has now signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu, has a huge online advertising resource, and uses the free time of the advertising screen for online advertising to ensure the fullness of the advertising on the offline screen. Ptksai advertising machine refresh positioning once again, the communication mode of Yunlian sharing subverts the traditional advertising channels. Traditional advertising companies generally have the problems of lack of terminal resources and small influence. Yunlian sharing provides a variety of intelligent electronic advertising machine products, which can be selected by partners according to their own needs, purchase advertising machines, and lay them in the business environment, solving the problem of lack of their own terminals. Through innovative technologies, Yunlian sharing has solved the problem of networking and intercommunication of advertising terminal screens, formed a huge sharing alliance system, and has a wide range of terminal resources, it solves the problems of lack of terminal resources and small influence of traditional advertising companies. Ptksai advertising machine refresh positioning Yunlian shared products can be placed in different fields, airports, shopping malls, subways and railway stations, etc. , using a new sharing mode, you can manage the playback content of the device for different regions, industries, audiences, etc. , anytime, anywhere, to create a new advertising experience for customers. *, The terminal management mode of shared media subverts the current situation of traditional advertising companies. Cloud link sharing adopts a flexible and intelligent terminal management method, which facilitates smooth management of terminals and solves the pain point of difficult management of traditional advertising companies. It also ensures the low price of advertising and urges more advertisers to put advertisements on the platform. Ptksai advertising machine refresh positioning can be said, sharing economic development is at that time. With the popularization of mobile Internet technology, abundant idle social resources and a large number of market demands, the sharing economy is popular all over the world. On the whole, most countries adopt a supportive attitude towards the shared economy. The global shared economy has entered a period of rapid expansion and gradually leads the new trend of the world trend. Sharing media subversively breaks the traditional advertising mode and has broad development prospects. How about ptksai advertising machine? Compared with relevant newspaper media. Yellow Pages. The yellow page is revised every year, and its catalog form means that your advertisement should be put together with your competitors. However, when advertising and messaging are carried out through the screen, outdoor LCD advertising opportunities make you the focus and firmly attract the attention of the audience. Ptksai advertising machine refresh positioning radio. Radio is still a good way to get a large audience, but you can only hope that the audience will actively remember you and some important details of you, such as the website address, etc. For outdoor advertising machines, most people can see the content of the screen, and the information content is displayed in a meaningful way, so there are more opportunities to be remembered and let the audience take corresponding measures. Ptksai advertising machine network. Online advertising delivers information to your target audience in a flexible way, which is really cost-effective. Its limitation is that you cannot control where your advertisement is viewed. The outdoor LCD advertising machine can just make up for your online marketing strategy and ensure that the advertising content is watched by the right person at the right time and place. Advertising Machine refresh positioning
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