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How can the membership card management system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
In the era of rapid development, mobile Internet and wechat Internet have been integrated into people's lives. The payment of wechat apps, the development of member marketing, and the traditional membership card are gradually being eliminated. (membership card management system) how can the membership card management system solve the tedious problems of traditional stores? The threshold of opening a card is low, and it is easy to carry out the traditional entity membership card processing process. It needs to register the basic information of customers, such as name, mobile number and other information. When customers enter the store for consumption or pay the bill, such registration is a waste of time, and it is easy to cause customers' antipathy, so that customers feel that they are disturbed, thus losing a lot of potential customers. The membership card is associated with wechat. Users only need to scan the code, click authorization, obtain and fill in the name and telephone wechat automatically. In 10 seconds, they can become members of the merchants. The membership card can be directly stored in the wechat card package, and the threshold for card opening is low, no cost is required, no personal information is required. Only the mobile phone number and wechat can complete card opening, which is simple and easy to implement , the membership conversion rate has increased significantly. Member foledo, the traditional member card needs to be carried by the member at any time when checking the bill. If the member accidentally loses it, it will be very troublesome to replace it, which may affect the normal consumption of the member. Moreover, only the basic information of the member is available on the entity membership card, and as the rights, benefits and benefits that the member should enjoy, the member cannot view them in real time, and can only understand them through the staff's narration. In the process of repeated inquiry, the user is likely to regard the staff's narration as a promotion, thus generating a psychological conflict. The difference of membership card is that the merchants only need to display with posters, billboards and twitter cards, and the staff only need to guide the users to scan the code, and then they can guide the users from offline to online. In the wechat card package, members can view their membership rights and benefits anytime and anywhere, and don't worry about the loss of the card. It's convenient for users to manage their own account, so users will be willing to pay for it. It can not only save time, but also effectively improve the conversion rate of members. (member software)
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