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How do restaurants choose smart cash registers under the new business model?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-29
Catering industry is a big industry, and with the deepening of the Internet, the limitations of the traditional catering mode are gradually revealed, which can no longer adapt to the development of most restaurants. What the Internet brings to the catering industry is not only the change of consumption form, but also the change of catering management concept, brand and service mode. With the popularity of modern business management concepts, the use of cash registers and related cash register equipment is becoming more and more popular. Cash registers have developed from * generation to the fifth generation, and now cash registers are based on the Internet, thinking, it can be an advertising machine, which can play advertisements online on the third advertising screen, and it is also an intelligent desktop terminal cash register. It integrates the O2O platform, combines the opportunity of offline business with the online sales window of the Internet, and enables the cash register to become the front desk and access port for online transactions. Therefore, a suitable intelligent POS cash register can help the boss improve the operation efficiency of the store, attract traffic and increase the turnover! In the various industries that use cash registers, the retail catering industry should be used more frequently! With the development of the Internet, nowadays, regardless of the size of the restaurant, the multi-functional commercial POS cash register has become standard! Since the cash register is standard in restaurants, how to choose a satisfactory cash register? 1. Choose Android smart cash register with easy maintenance, easy operation, easy expansion, fast operation and high reliability. Android system is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to expand, making more and more restaurants choose Android cash registers. Cash register hardware configuration should keep up with, such as CPU, memory and printer. Imagine, during the peak period of business, the people who ordered the meal to check out the queue, the cash register has been running at high speed, in case the card machine crashes, how much impact on the restaurant! 2, the cash register software should have the following functions: after the kitchen, bar, open file three departments management unification; It must have the function of on-account management or table Account Management to form a special collection system for restaurants and restaurants to solve the problems and loopholes in all aspects of the catering industry, improve the efficiency and management level of the restaurant; Automatic Classification discount function; Waiter function; Transfer function, etc. For catering enterprises under the tide of the Internet, whoever can better meet the needs of users for products and services will win the battle for users. However, meeting the needs of users not only refers to the quality of dishes, but also needs the services of restaurants and the experience that restaurants bring to users in the contemporary Internet era. With the help of smart hardware such as cash registers, it is imperative to upgrade and transform the restaurant ~! Brand profile: tianbo intelligent hardware focuses on building open intelligent hardware customization solutions, including handheld Android intelligent terminal series, desktop Android intelligent terminal series and cabinet Android intelligent terminal series. Provide one-stop intelligent hardware customization solution, and there have been successful cases in catering, tourism, hotel, logistics, retail, department stores and other industries. Tag: tianbo intelligent hardware customization, cash register, cash register, catering, Android intelligent cash register, intelligent POS cash register, kitchen printer connected, Android dual screen touch screen cash register, intelligent desktop terminal cash register, front desk intelligent POS cash register, catering cash register, cash register software, new business model
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