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How does ptksai intelligent advertising machine develop steadily in the fierce market competition-PT English

How does ptksai intelligent advertising machine develop steadily in the fierce market competition

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-18
For the domestic advertising machine field, manufacturers have coveted the retail market for a long time. However, due to various reasons, the business expansion has not reached the ideal state. Although many advertising machine manufacturers have expressed their ardent hope for the retail industry, there are very few real achievements. However, in 2017, this situation will change and retail will become the highlight of the advertising machine market. For a long time, it has been difficult for advertising machines to be promoted in the retail industry. One of the important reasons is that users' awareness is not high. For many retailers, advertising machines only play a role in pushing advertising information, they do not produce immediate sales results, and they need continuous investment, which to a large extent has hit the enthusiasm of users in the retail industry, the state in which advertising machines cannot be carried out in the retail industry. Nowadays, with the gradual maturity of technology, the application scope of advertising machines has been continuously expanded. It is no longer limited to advertising information push, but takes information push as the core, the function is infiltrated into many aspects of business operation, such as employee training, employee skill management, and combined with the concept of o2o, a new application mode of advertising machine retail industry is realized. It has become a bridge between online and offline stores, realizing mutual drainage between online and offline stores and bringing real sales results to retailers, which has stimulated users' enthusiasm for use from the root. More and more advertising machine manufacturers have increased their investment in the retail market, and the increasing demand of industry users has successfully promoted the growth of the advertising machine retail market, which has been reflected in 2016. According to relevant statistics, in 2016, the market share of advertising machine sales in the retail industry reached 8%, up from the same period last year. 4%, becoming a rare bright color under the background of slowing overall market growth. Baoqianli Shangxian believes that the maturity of technology and the gradual improvement of market awareness have made the basic elements for the expansion of the retail market of advertising machines complete and the explosive growth of the market inevitable. After 2016 years of preparation and water testing, 2017 may become a real outbreak period for retail industry. Compared with other industries in the retail industry, the customer group is the general public, and they are all self-purchasing, and the product demand is more diversified. Therefore, for advertising machine manufacturers, they want to gain a firm foothold in this market, we must quickly change our thinking and change our research and development strategy and marketing strategy at the same time. In the new year, whoever can change his mind faster will have more control over the initiative, thus leading him out of the fierce market competition. To some extent, the expansion of the retail market will also become an important catalyst for the reshuffle of the advertising machine industry. How can advertising machine manufacturers develop steadily in the fierce market competition? In the business world, time means money, so the investment of advertising machine manufacturers is expected. Since content is the core of LCD advertising machines, streaming media options will be optimized to better understand and perceive customers. The display will be used in conjunction with cameras, mobile devices and applications, and its sensors will process personal data to achieve customer * satisfaction. For example, when visiting a restaurant, you will provide a special menu according to your dietary goals and health status. Moreover, once you enter the restaurant, this information will be provided to your main content, that is, the data will be processed for less than the time required to read the menu. With the development of the times, the original stand-alone advertising machine has also been upgraded to the online version and touch the online version. The continuous update has saved more manpower and material resources, and has become more perfect and humanized in terms of performance. The key function of this kind of analysis will be recognition and personalization. Personalization means personal information you provide to open source or private devices. This includes age, size, preference, taste, lifestyle, work status and many other factors to reflect your personality. The recognition process is more complicated because it includes the operation of many sensors, cameras, devices and applications. Recognition results mainly depend on personal data, so accuracy is related to personalized accuracy. When you enter some stores or other organizations, you will say hello by name and immediately provide the products you need. A thief will be surprised when a monitor shouts away. Using LCD advertising machine in the office can improve the efficiency of work. Show as a personal assistant, provide tips and suggestions according to the situation.
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