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How does ptksai smart cash register collide with new retail?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-16
Ma Yun put forward the concept of new retail in October 2016. In his view, the traditional retail industry has been impacted by the e-commerce Internet. In the future, offline and online retail will be deeply combined with modern logistics, service providers use innovative technologies such as big data and cloud computing to form the concept of new retail in the future. It can be seen that Ma Yun emphasized the importance of technology to new retail. Ma Yun is not alone in emphasizing the importance of technology! At the annual meeting of JD. com Group in 2017, Liu Qiangdong announced JD. com's development strategy for the next 12 years, pointing out that JD. com will firmly transform towards technology, use technology to transform all business models established in the past 12 years to create a world-leading intelligent business body including intelligent business, Intelligent Finance and intelligent insurance. In the next 12 years, Jingdong has only three things: technology! Technology! Technology! Liu Qiangdong said that compared with Ali, Jingdong's emphasis on technology is probably even worse! Can technology really cure all diseases? Not necessarily, the value of the concept is equally important. The technology without the support of the concept is a scorpion, easy to get lost! The idea of no technical support is a cripple, not fast! In the Internet era, going out for consumption, a mobile phone, WeChat, Alipay, scan code can be paid, supermarkets, convenience stores are no exception. However, supermarkets and convenience stores have more commodity information and need to use intelligent cash register management. What if they do not operate the supermarket intelligent cash register? Don't worry, the following ptksai technology tells you what to do! Supermarket Smart cash register: after installing the supermarket smart cash register, it is installed. Open the bracket, place the tablet on the bracket, connect the scanning gun and the printer to the intelligent cash register, then press and hold the power button to start the machine. After starting the machine, find the corresponding software and click login. Supermarket intelligent cash register: data entry opens the cash register software on the intelligent cash register, opens the new product interface in the software, opens the new interface, and then starts scanning the barcode product barcode, supermarket Smart cash register cloud built-in 40 thousand product data, directly scan the product automatically bring out the product name, enter the price and inventory on the smart cash register, the new construction is completed. If it is a product that is not available in the barcode library, you can manually enter the barcode and product name of the product and directly create a new product of your own store. Supermarket Smart cash register: the printer is connected to the supermarket smart cash register. The small ticket printer is built into the base. When the automatic retrieval printer is turned on, the small ticket printer can be searched. The status display is connected, which is normal operation. The small ticket printer and the scanning gun of the supermarket smart cash register are connected normally. After the product name is recorded, you can start the cash register, directly scan the barcode of the product, and automatically bring out the price, enter the collection amount on the smart cash register and click settle immediately to complete the operation. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. It has an industrial chain with PCBA, integration, research and development, production, sales, logistics and service as a whole, focus on hotel cash register solutions, catering cash register solutions, Shangchao cash register solutions, clothing cash register solutions, retail cash register solutions, etc. Julong communication Shenzhen cash register manufacturer has built a perfect industrial system with research and development as the core, production as the cornerstone, sales as the pioneer, brand as the driving force and after-sales service as the guarantee. If you need to know about intelligent POS machines,
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