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How does the membership card management system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
It can be seen from the points exchange right and voucher of every merchant in this year's double 11 that the current consumption mode of merchants can not be separated from points either online or offline. But the same use of points system, some businesses use this system to increase customer flow, and some businesses use the effect is not obvious. (membership card management system) first of all, we need to rationalize the rules of the point mode. For example, what kind of consumption can we get points? Is the purpose of points to exchange for gifts or cash? At present, the most common mode is that businesses set up different gifts and use points to exchange for gifts. But under a wide range of points exchange options, this mode is not very attractive to customers 。 The more direct and effective way is that points can be directly deducted from consumption amount, which can stimulate members to accumulate points, use points, and return to consumption. However, for businesses, point management is not a simple thing. For different preferential days, activities, occasions, points consumption and the proportion of points obtained, it can be set flexibly and diversely. For example: set the proportion of points obtained and the rule of points offset. In this case, there is no doubt that a membership card system needs to be used for flexible setting and calculation, so that customers can bring more efficient, rapid and accurate services to customers when using points, so that customers can have a good experience of merchants and increase their probability of becoming 'repeat customers'. In view of the above points, the store Yingyi membership card system can achieve all the above points management, points exchange and other operations, complete and accurate set of points use, access rules, help businesses more effectively use points to attract customers to continue to consume.
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