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How many ways are there to connect ptksaiPOS?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-25
How many ways are POS machines connected? When the transaction data generated by the bank card swiping through the POS machine is transmitted to the background, the cardholder will receive the bank card swiping information. However, POS machines will send credit card data to UnionPay institutions in three forms due to different connection methods, and generate data reception. POS machines will issue tickets and the transaction will be successful. The following are the data transfer processes generated by three different networking methods. The connection mode of POS machine ptksaiPOS machine telephone line when the bank card data is generated on the POS machine, the data will be transmitted to the UnionPay institution by dialing the phone through the dialing function of the phone, after UnionPay receives the data by connecting the phone, the background running system automatically extracts the data, and then notifies the POS machine of the successful background transaction by making a phone call. The POS machine receives the background transaction success data by connecting the phone, and the POS machine receives the data and issues the order (Pos receipt)The transaction was successful. The customer swipes the card to the order in about 60 seconds. Pos MACHINE of connection style ptksaipos machine in both sides to call phone style communication when such as any party produce busy or line. Will produce data broken chain then pos machine will not print pos purchase order (Pos receipt), The transaction will not be successful. The telephone line connection method is POS early use and UnionPay connection channel is now rarely used, because the card is slow, there will be unsuccessful transactions. And every time you swipe your card, you will incur a telephone fee. The connection mode of POS machine ptksaiPOS phone card when the bank card data is generated on the POS machine, the data will be transmitted to the * near Signal receiving tower in the form of band signals through the wireless signal function of the phone card (Unicom, mobile). After receiving the credit card data, the signal tower sends the data to the UnionPay institution in the form of a file package. After receiving the data packet, the UnionPay institution automatically opens to generate credit card data. In the whole process of data transmission, as long as the signal tower receives the band signal, the transaction is successful. ( This process is similar to the function of using a mobile phone to transfer chat or data through communication software)Swipe the card for about 30 seconds to sign the purchase order. The connection mode of POS machine the advantages of ptksaiPOS machine the benefits of POS machine to consumers 1. With the development of electronic financial information, the public's awareness of using cards has been continuously strengthened. For cardholders, the use of credit card payment is not only convenient to carry, but also the points accumulated by credit card can be redeemed, which can increase personal feelings. If you use credit card payment, you can also repay after spending first, and cardholders like the feeling of signing, it is synonymous with fashion. Therefore, after installing the POS machine, it can satisfy the public's desire to easily swipe the card and pay for the transaction. The connection method of POS machine ptksaiPOS Machine 2. There are many inconveniences in the cash payment method: large cash is inconvenient to carry, it takes time and effort to count the money, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false banknotes, and the settlement of the ticket is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, install the POS machine ( After that, the cash management risks of major enterprises and merchants were greatly reduced, and the workload of manual collection, counting, change, prevention of counterfeit banknotes and cash storage was reduced, and use credit card payment to be more hygienic and environmentally friendly. The connection mode of POS machine ptksaiPOS Machine 3 and POS machine have the advantage of inter-bank combination. Installing one machine and using multiple cards can reduce the transaction cost of the counter, reduce the pain of customer queuing and reduce the risk of customer cash being robbed and stolen, avoid the embarrassment of service termination, break through time and space restrictions and collect money from other places. It is very convenient for users or business and merchant managers.
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