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How to add food and beverage cash register software

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
Food and beverage industry products may be more, involving a variety of dishes, drinks, staples and so on. Today, the customer worry free editor wants to share how to add products individually or in batches with the help of the cashier software, so as to improve the efficiency of businesses. Take the customer worry free catering cash register software as an example: 1. Add a single product 1. Merchant background - Product Management - Product List - add - fill in product information - submit and save the cost price and inventory of the product in addition to the basic information of the product. If you need to add a multi specification product, click Add specification directly. 2. Mobile app -- more -- Product Management -- + -- fill in the data -- save 3. Add products in cash register (only for quick sale version) -- click the left menu bar 3 -- add products -- fill in product information -- confirm to save the added products in cash register, only one product member price can be set. If you need to set multiple member prices, please go to the merchant background to add 2: bulk import 1 Merchant background - Product List - Import - select import data (decide which data to import according to your store's products) - next step - submit next data sorting - next step - template download (fill in product information according to the template after downloading) - upload file - submit
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