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How to choose a convenient cashier for opening a store?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-30
I often hear friends around me ask how to choose a cash register for a small supermarket or flower coffee shop. Most of the friends who want to open a small supermarket are more beautiful friends like the couple and flowers. To tell the truth, there are many kinds of cash registers and POS machines in the market, with different functions and various prices, which are far from each other. You can go to a treasure search to sort the prices, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds. As an individual merchant or small and medium-sized enterprise, how can we make the right choice from a wide variety of cash registers? What are the precautions? First of all, find your position: when you choose the cash register weighing machine and POS machine, what we * need to figure out is the position of your store, to know whether you want to choose practical or luxurious, small or large, intelligent or traditional? Any cash register can't be perfect, it may meet more than 95% of our needs, and it will never match your needs. * Expensive, * may not be suitable for your store positioning, the volume is large, the function is complicated, it is not necessarily that your store can control it, or you have to choose according to your own store positioning, for example, ptksai advertising cashier said that it is basically to meet all retail industries, such as: xiaoshangchao, convenience store, flower cake shop, coffee tea shop, etc. , not expensive, easy to operate, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of individuals or small and medium businesses. As shown in the following figure: Secondly, the quality of hardware and software: the quality of hardware is one aspect. Some stores may also consider the appearance and beauty, and more importantly, the cash register system installed by the machine should be considered, whether it is the front desk cashier or the background management, the cashier software plays an important role. The software is important in the operation. At present, many shopkeepers are aware of the cashier (Mobile Cash Register) It is only a part of the whole cash register system, and there are more closed-loop cash registers such as member Marketing, purchase, sale and deposit management, online and offline shop opening and order taking, which are functions that traditional cash registers do not have. This is a trend, shopkeepers should consider it from this perspective. The working state of POS cash register has the following characteristics: long use time, many times and high frequency, which have higher requirements on the performance of POS cash register. Therefore, we cannot only consider the price of POS cash register, but also the performance and quality of POS cash register. Xiao Bian reminds the majority of businesses to know more about market conditions and brand differences before buying POS cash registers. At present, the POS cash registers on the market are said to be mixed, and the quality of a large number of low-priced POS cash registers is uneven. The poor quality POS cash registers often have invalid touch screens, blue screens and even crashes. The POS cash register used by the merchant said that once the quality problem occurs, it will seriously affect the business and user satisfaction. It can be seen that merchants should give priority to brand reliability and performance stability when purchasing POS cash registers. Of course, the fluency and speed of cash register are also crucial, including the consideration of details such as commodity import, data security, whether cash register can be made after offline disconnection, and whether printing is smooth, there are also some peripheral devices that support it. Please refer to ptksai's advertisement cash register. * Is cost-effective. When you choose the right cash register, you should grasp the principle and choose the right cash register according to your own situation.
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