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How to choose a safe and stable Android smart POS cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-06
How to choose a safe and stable Android smart POS cash register? Now in this credit era, how to lack credit cards. With a credit card, how can you lose a safe and stable POS? How to choose? Consider whether Android smart POS cash register is safe and stable from five aspects: 1. Whether the equipment has UnionPay certification or not, there are many hardware companies that produce mobile phone card readers now, and whether the equipment has passed UnionPay security certification is a major issue related to capital security, equipment quality, equipment compatibility and card swiping sensitivity, these are closely related to the quality of the equipment. If the hardware equipment of the mobile phone card reader is not up to standard, there will be many problems when it is used. It may happen that the equipment is not used, and there may be an insensitive response when swiping the card, resulting in unsuccessful swiping every time. Android smart pos II. Whether there are points for swiping a card, many users now swipe a credit card for points, so whether there are points for the mobile card reader is also one of the important factors that users consider. Three. Whether the merchants will switch randomly, many users will brush their own cards and worry that if the merchants are always in the same house, they will not be blocked by the bank, therefore, whether merchants will switch randomly is also one of the important factors for users to consider whether to purchase. Android smart pos IV. Whether the mobile phone APP software is perfect or not, at present, some small Erqing payment companies will have bad APP use due to financial and technical reasons. Android smart pos v. This is very important whether the arrival time is timely. There is generally no delay in choosing a clearing machine to arrive. Android smart pos credit card is good, but there is no free lunch in the world, if you use it improperly, it will be controlled by the bank, derated or even sealed. Please leave a message for more cards, pos and financial knowledge. When Alipay, WeChat payment and Jingdong payment launched attacks one after another to compete for the mobile payment market, mobile payment became a social phenomenon and consumers' payment methods began to migrate to the mobile end! Compared with traditional cash and credit card payment, POS cash register has the advantages of immediacy and portability, and only one smart phone is needed to complete the payment. At present, 55% of China's smartphone users use mobile phones to pay, such as ordering meals, charging for phone charges, group buying, etc. Mobile payment showed explosive growth, totaling 2013 from the first half of 1777. 0. 6 billion yuan, up to 2015 yuan in the first half of 40261. 0. 1 billion yuan, expected to reach 2015 in the second half of 51763. 0. 8 billion yuan, more than five times the size of last year. In this regard, some people in the industry lamented that the development of cash payment took 300 years, the development of bank cards took 50 years, the development of online payment took 10 years, and mobile payment may only take 3 years! POS cash register can be seen that under the prevailing environment of mobile payment, online payment and UnionPay credit card payment can no longer meet the needs of consumers, A safe and stable Android intelligent POS cash register is particularly important and has become a common consideration for current physical store operators.
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