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How to choose the cash register in the tea shop?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-31
How to choose the cash register of the milk tea shop? Due to the continuous upgrading of products and the deepening of brand culture, the competition in the milk tea market is becoming more and more fierce, many tea shops have evolved from the size of a booth to a tea shop of one or two shops, and the equipment of the shops that have upgraded the tea shops should also be upgraded. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to understand a necessary equipment for opening a milk tea shop. How to choose a cash register is a product of the development of microelectronics technology, modern commodity circulation management concepts and technological development, the commercial electronic cash register is one of the indispensable equipment for opening a milk tea shop. Without the cash register, the grade of the milk tea shop will decline and the operation will be inconvenient. The modern * common POS machine is the third generation cash register. The difference between POS machine and ECR machine is that it has the characteristics of direct and instant entry, and has a strong online real-time processing function, POS integrates computer hardware and software to form an intelligent commercial workstation that can work independently or in a network environment. How to choose cash register since the advent of electronic cash register, according to the needs of various business management modes in the market, a variety of system modes have been formed. Therefore, milk tea shops can completely select electronic cash registers with appropriate system functions according to actual needs. The basic equipment of cash registers is divided into electronic guns, cash registers and computers that manage data. The following milk tea joins tell everyone to choose the cash register brand should be selected according to the following important indicators: tea shop cash register 2, the number of items: according to the number of products that the tea shop needs to manage, select the electronic cash register with the corresponding number of items. How to choose the cash register of the tea shop 3. Print characters: according to the needs of the tea shop, whether to print in Chinese or not, the general Chinese printing electronic cash register is much more expensive than the English printing electronic cash register, but I think it is better to use Chinese to open a milk tea shop in China. How to choose the cash register of the tea shop 4. Whether it is connected to the network: according to the business scale of the tea shop and its development trend, whether the POS machine needs to be networked management. In addition to the fact that the price of networked electronic cash registers is much higher than that of ordinary electronic cash registers, they also need additional software costs. How to choose the cash register in the milk tea shop 5, single and double printing: The Double printing electronic cash register has the customer connection and the stub connection, and the management of this cash register is relatively standardized, but the price is also much more expensive than a single print electronic cash register. Of course, the POS machine for single printing can achieve the purpose of retaining stubs by printing double layers of carbon-free pressure sensitive paper. However, the price of carbonless pressure-sensitive paper is more than twice that of single-layer paper. The long-term use cost is higher, mainly depending on the size of the tea shop itself. The equipment cost of the milk tea shop cash register milk tea shop is also a big expense, and the purchase choice also requires the managers to be careful, so as not to buy expensive or buy bad equipment, which will affect the future operation of the milk tea franchise store. Tea shop cash register
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