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How to choose the single screen cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
In today's society with the rapid development of science and technology, no matter what type of store, there is no lack of cash register, and the first choice is the intelligent POS cash register, but the intelligent POS cash register is divided into single screen cash register and double screen cash register, how to choose a good one? Many businesses are more vexed about this problem. Xiaobian reminds you that you can make reasonable purchase according to the actual needs of the store, combined with the following functions and application scenarios of single and double screen cash registers. For the cash register, it can be divided into single screen cash register and double screen cash register if it is distinguished from the appearance display. In terms of price, it must be that the double screen cash register is higher than the single screen cash register. If you choose it directly from the perspective of price, it's not too bad for the merchants opening their stores in the early stage. What other factors can you choose besides the cost? Double screen cash register: the double screen cash register is divided into main screen and customer screen. The main screen touch screen can be operated by the clerk. The customer screen is facing the customer. It is mainly used to confirm the order information, display the two-dimensional code of collection, the amount payable and display the publicity information (product display, preferential information, company introduction, etc.), without additional printing of the advertising sheet and the two-dimensional code of collection. The display mode of double screen display is different It helps to improve the information display and customer experience of merchants. It can be seen that the dual screen cash register is more conducive to the real-time interaction between businesses and customers. However, the disadvantages are also obvious, which is not conducive to the privacy protection of members when they are queuing for cash. From the perspective of sales data, most of the users of the dual screen touch cash register are supermarkets, restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, clothing stores and convenience stores of chain brands. Some high-end hotels will introduce the intelligent cash register with identity recognition function. For cash registers in different industries, the use of double screen cash register is more conducive to more business activities, so as to bring more profits to the shops. Single screen cash register: single screen touch cash register is more used in small restaurants, fast food restaurants and husband and wife retail stores. The price of single screen intelligent cash register is relatively low, occupying a small space, and the placement position is relatively flexible. But because there is no customer screen or LED digital display for the customer to confirm the amount, it is difficult to find the wrong order in time. If it is a simple small retail restaurant, the store with few requirements for customer interaction will use a single screen cash register with higher cost performance. Specific how to choose, you can according to their own store needs. When purchasing manufacturers, we should also pay attention to the so-called 'one cent, one cent' goods, cheap goods can not be said to be all bad goods, but good goods are certainly relatively not cheap. The cash register needs to be used every day. Xiaobian suggests choosing a manufacturer with good market reputation and after-sales service. It is better to be a professional OEM / ODM / EMS service experience manufacturer. The strength of products and quality can be comparable to the quality of major brands.
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