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How to construct the unit visitor management system which manufacturers are doing?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-08
How to construct the unit visitor management system which manufacturers are doing? First, the door of the system background unit represents the image of the unit. This image is not only the image of the appearance, the strength of the unit, but also represents the management level of the unit. The scientific, standardized and humanized management of visitor personnel is a problem that needs to be solved very much. The manual registration method of the visitor management system is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the visitor certificate, the registration information is prone to errors, the registration speed is slow, the registration information is not accurate and comprehensive, and the management cost of the mortgage certificate is high, the preserved paper documents are not conducive to the management and inquiry of information, and there are certain security risks in the management, so the current visitor management mode is facing a great management bottleneck, this kind of management mode can no longer meet the needs of modern information management. Visiting passenger machine management system access control linkage II. System workflow unit visiting passenger machine set up visiting passenger machine in the guard room at the unit Gate. When visitors arrive, if they have already made an appointment by phone or online in advance, explain the reservation information to the staff and show their identity cards or other certificates; If there is no appointment, register the receptionist, the purpose of the meeting and other information, and show your ID card or other documents. Use a second-generation identification instrument or document scanner to scan documents, read relevant personal information, and print visitor lists. Visitors enter and exit on the basis of visitor orders, and the system keeps visitor information in detail for future reference. Which manufacturers of visitor aircraft visitor management system III, system function 1) Fast Identity Registration second-generation ID card registration, only one second, name, ID number, photos are all entered into the system. A generation of ID cards, driver's licenses, passports and other commonly used documents, only ten seconds to complete the OCR recognition name, ID number and photo registration and other related information. Desktop visitor 2) Remote reservation supports telephone reservation and remote network reservation. Visitors can log in to the company website on the external network and access the system to make remote reservation. Visitor Management System 3) When the interviewee inquires about the visitor registration, after selecting the interviewee, the system will link the attendance system to inquire whether the interviewee will go out or not according to the interviewee's entry and exit records. Desktop visitor 4) When automatic telephone dialing visitor registration, the system can directly dial the interviewee's registration phone through the software to ask if the interviewee is convenient to receive visitors. Visitor Management System 5) After the visitor is notified of the registration, the system immediately sends the visitor's identification photo, on-site photo and registration details to the respondent's computer, and the respondent can confirm whether to receive the visitor according to the situation. Which manufacturers of visitor aircraft access control linkage 6) Visitor Information record visitors need to collect personal information for the first visit and automatically select the visit information again; The visitor information needs to be collected and recorded when the visitor * visits. When the visitor visits again, the system automatically displays the visitor information. Desktop visitor 7)Check the status of the interviewee (Whether on the job) , Registration of carrying items, registration of vehicles, registration of visits. Desktop visitor 8) When issuing visitor certificates, visitors can print visitor lists and issue temporary visitor cards. When visitors leave, they can automatically return the visitor cards when they return them to the visitor registration office or pass through a specific channel. Which manufacturers of visitor aircraft access control linkage 9) The access control linkage visitor system is linked with the access control system, and the visitor access area can be set to politely limit the visitor activity area. Which manufacturers of visitor aircraft access control linkage 10) The implementation of photo display/capture of visitors through the access area is that managers can see visitors' photos and visits in real time to prevent fraudulent use of other people's certificates. Which manufacturers of visiting aircraft 11) VIP management for those who visit frequently, they can be added to the VIP list and VIP cards can be issued, eliminating the authentication process. Access control linkage 12) Query statistics can query all visitor data registered in the query system and query and count all access records. Quickly generate reports.
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