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How to increase sales and reduce queues using a self-service kiosk


Nowadays, every business that experiences problems with customer patience needs to think of a solution fast, as the demand for goods in this consumer-based society gets higher by the second. That’s why the self-service kiosk manufacturers have revolutionized the way you acquire your day to day commodities, giving more and more choice to the customer and seller as well.

A self-service kiosk is a terminal from which you can not only acquire an idea about a specific product but in the most cases, be able to actually buy the item, reducing time spent in stores and other marketplaces. From a customer point of view this terminal that embodies today’s technology in both hardware and software, is a really convenient alternative to traditional shopper serving. Usually when buying groceries, gas or anything for that matter the most frustration comes along with long and seemingly unending queues that in most cases only pursues the buyer to abort mission and go home; maybe try again the next day. Especially on road trips or gas stations where people tend to be in a hurry, not having an alternative for the standard checkout system, can pursue the customer to just leave and not buy anything. It’s the same when talking about fast food for example. This concept for delivering food in the shortest amount of time has lost its power over the years because of the long waiting time that is generated by indecisive people. As such, the self-service kiosk manufacturers thought of all that when designing the machine. It can be programmed to function and to deliver the best results regardless of the industry it is used in.

You can pay bills, order not only food but a variety of goods depending on the location. The best part is that you can pay both in cash and credit or debit card, thus offering you, the customer, the shortest amount of time loss. But what if during the peak hours of a retailer one kiosk isn’t enough? As a customer, entering a facility and seeing queues at both the checkout and the kiosk, your will to spend money in that place rapidly decreases, affecting on the most part the manager of the said place.

From the retailer’s point of view, his time is of utmost value. They have to understand that their customers time is of the same essence, thus the thought of them leaving and buying from somewhere else just to save some time must scare the sellers to the point of fully understanding why they need to get in contact with self-service kiosk manufacturers to resolve this issue, for increasing their profit as much as possible. We are not saying that everyone has to own more than one of these self-service kiosks. We simply encourage a closer observation of the business to determine if you need one or not. As such you, as the retailer, should calculate your profit and losings based on the average purchase and then establish the time needed for the investment to actually start giving money instead of taking. After this simple calculation, you can determine the number of kiosks you need. For a smaller business, we recommend buying just one and see the results for yourself. For bigger ones, that can afford multiple ones, please don’t think rash and buy 3 or 5 of those as it can actually lose you money if you are not proceeding with caution; or you can simply stay away from them and admire the competitions kiosk and their increase in earning.

With technology advancements these days, it is almost impossible to determine what businesses wouldn’t be more successful with these sort of investments.

For the retailers that actually consider buying such a machine, the self-service kiosk manufacturers are more than happy to ensure that you are getting a high-quality kiosk in both hardware and software. This means a toughened glass panel and extra security measures to ensure that the device does not get damaged because of client abuse and also a simplistic, minimalistic Operating System so that even the most inexperienced people regarding technology can use the kiosk without any problems. The better the software, the bigger the profit, as in the case of downtime, the client has to stay longer at the terminal, thus stealing some time from the next person and so on. This means a certain loss of sales. Having these kiosks helps you focus your staff on other jobs that can contribute to an even more increase in sales. For example in fast food, the orders can be registered by the kiosk, thus not needing people at the checkout. Either they get fired or moved to another post like cleaning or serving the actual food, increasing productivity, which brings more sales that in turn manifests into more profit.


Being able to pay either with cash or card at these kiosks do not set an impediment for the buyer, as they can pay however they want; this as a big quality as some smaller stores do not offer card payment. When someone is presented with an option, it gives them more ambition to think of what to buy, as they don’t have to worry about payment. People, in general, tend to spend more money in locations with more choice options; it does not matter if these options come in the form of products, employers to talk to or payment methods. It is psychologically proven that being presented with multiple choices gives the brain an electrical impulse similar to the one manifested when receiving gifts, giving people a hidden and unperceived spark of joy, encouraging them to look around more and in many cases spend more money.


Self-service kiosk manufacturers usually have this in mind when designing the actual machine. It needs to look welcoming, show hospitality and be clean and sleek – modern looking. A bulky and grey kiosk won’t encourage people to come over and try it, as they will be repulsed by its aspect giving them a chill and a sensation of distance.


In conclusion, the self-service kiosk is a great way to boost profit, ensuring customer satisfaction and offering the possibility of better managing your workforce for the best synergy possible inside the work facility.

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