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How to install cash box for cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-10
With its stylish appearance, stable performance and complete functions, it is matched with different cash register peripherals, it is widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores, clothing stores, specialty stores, jewelry stores, beauty salons, bars, hotels, hotels, restaurants and other places. The reason why the cash register can be so powerful is that * it mainly comes from the development of cash register software and the extension of chip performance, such as the installation of cash register Cashbox and cash register system, this is very similar to the computers we commonly use. The design of the cash box is mainly designed for the safety of business income and expenditure, and is also an artifact for liberating the boss. In fact, the principle of opening the POS cash register cash box is not complicated at all, that is, sending a 5V (Some money boxes are 24 V) The pulse signal, the cash box is opened, and the installation is quite simple. The choice of cash box depends on the size of the cash register. At the same time, the interface is also different. Some are similar to telephone line connectors, some have only two wires, some are COM ports, and some are LPT ports, the installation and connection methods are also different, and the software driver methods are also different, which needs to be mainly distinguished. Generally, there are three ways to install: *: If you use a bill printer, the back of the bill printer has a drive interface for the cash box, and the RJ11 connector of the Cash Box (Similar to telephone line connector) Connected to the driver interface on the back of the bill printer, the general bill printer is connected to the COM port or LPT port, and then sends a signal to the COM or LPT port through the software, so that the cash box can be opened; The driver command of the drive cash box is sent through the Bill printer, so it has nothing to do with the cash box. The supplier of the bill printer will provide you with the driver cash box command description of the model printer, you can add this instruction to your cash register software system. The second type: If you do not use a bill printer, you generally need to purchase a cash box driver card, which is generally equipped with an EXE file that opens the Cash Box (Such as OPEN. COM file) , You only need to connect the POS cash register cash box to the cash box card ( Some of the interfaces are similar to the COM port, some are similar to the LPT port, some are R11 interfaces, and some are directly connected to two wires) , And then call the command in your software program, the cash box card will send a current pulse to the cash box, so that the cash box can be opened. It should be noted here that the interface of the cash box may be different from the cash box interface card, which may not be connected, because some cash boxes have only two wires and no joints. Don't worry at this time, because the interface line of the cash box is only composed of two lines, one is the positive pole and the other is the negative pole. The same is true for the cash box interface card, as long as it is connected correctly. The third type: on some industrial personal computer mainboards or brand POS cash registers, it will have a COM port that can provide 5V current, so connect the cash box directly to the interface, however, this cash box must be the cash box of the COM port connector, and the software is simple, just send a signal to the COM port, but this signal has a password, can be set according to customer needs.
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