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How to manage merchandise in the member management

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
Children's clothing stores are different from mother and baby stores in terms of commodity categories. Children's clothing stores mainly cover clothes, most of which are children over 3 years old and under 10 years old. In addition to some clothes, some also sell toys and other goods. However, although the product category is not as complex as the mother and baby shop, the most difficult thing to manage is the design and size of clothing products. Therefore, in terms of such stores, we should pay more attention to the selection of the cashier system, whether there is the management function of color and size, of course, other functions also need to be met. (clothing store management system) 1. Design and size management function children's clothing store cash collection system selection. In addition to meeting the basic functional requirements, the first consideration is the design and size management function. For all kinds of clothing in the store, the commodity attributes of clothing can be determined according to the commodity category attributes in the commodity file, and then the design, size and management of clothing can be carried out accurately; 2、 The function of member management is provided by the function of member management in the cash register system. It sets different discount points, gift exchange and promotion activities for different member levels in the clothing store. The member management is more sticky and the repeat customers are constantly improving. In addition, it can also effectively manage and track the effect of irregular member marketing activities; 3、 Real time inventory management clothing store out of stock and overstocked goods, which is a common thing, not to mention the loss to the store, sometimes the capital turnover has become a more difficult thing. The inventory management function of the cash register system, the store operator can set the inventory early warning function through the system background, the inventory is updated in real time, and the inventory is queried in time to avoid the situation of out of stock and overstock. (clothing member management system)
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