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How to manage the store management of amusement park ticketing system?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
At present many amusement electronic ticket system still adopts the model of the traditional manual ticket, early electronic ticketing system is under construction. To achieve electronic ticketing, real-time sales data, electronic ticketing data, financial programming in a timely manner to eliminate the part of the hole. Implement channel automatic check-in, ensure the one man, one vote ticket. Put an end to the variety of human ticket, LouPiao leak loss caused, fraud and other issues. What is the general playground structure? Have any special requirements in the ticketing system. 1, the music field in areas such as an important part of 2, put an end to the traditional amusement park tickets ( Paper tickets) The holes & ndash; — Being cheated, overdue 3, solved the loopholes in management & ndash; — Statistics, query, high error rate, easy to cheat in 4, playground electronic ticket system, all digital playground electronic tickets will update in 5, stadiums and other places can grasp the dynamic data in real time, timely decision-making regulation in the center of the playground electronic ticket system with financial management institutions, such as real-time requirements can be achieved by the network query tickets information, these are all in the ticketing system must be perfect. Store surplus scenic spot ticket system, the amusement park tickets, cinema ticketing system, skating rink ticketing system, attention to detail, after years of research and development testing improvement, obtained the very good market effect. Tickets for scenic spot electronic ticket system including WeChat public ticket, OTA ticketing, travel tickets, ticket window, such as self-service ticket sales and taking the ticket, the system supports a variety of the ticket, ticket media including paper tickets, mobile phone qr code, ID card, the second generation ID card, fingerprint and face recognition, etc.
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