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How to monitor the process of ptksaiPOS self-service cash register system How to deal with missing b English

How to monitor the process of ptksaiPOS self-service cash register system? How to deal with missing brush and avoiding brush?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-24
How to monitor the process of ptksaiPOS self-service cash register system? How to deal with missing brush and avoiding brush? First of all, the grocery store is full of cameras and microphones. When you scan the code and enter the grocery store, the monitoring system will recognize who you are and follow you all the way. When you stand in front of the shelf and prepare for shopping, the camera system on the shelf will start, and it will take pictures of what you took and what you had when you left the shelf. Don't underestimate these cameras. They can even recognize the color of human skin and accurately find the user's hand through image analysis. The move is to reduce the error rate of the camera system. After all, when shopping is more, two customers are likely to pick up the goods on one shelf, and it is an effective way to identify the user by skin color. At the same time, in the patent filed last year, Amazon described to us a system using radio frequency identification technology, which can detect users' movements of picking up goods from shelves, it then synchronizes the relevant data to the user's handheld device. PtksaiPOS POS self-service cash register users can swagger out of the grocery store after purchasing the required goods. After passing through the specially set trading area, the system will automatically identify them, then calculate the user's expenses and deduct them from Amazon's account. PtksaiPOS machine in the Amazon FAQ, we can find the scene of sensing fusion technology. Through this technology, Amazon can integrate data from different sensors with ptksaiPOS, thus improving the reliability and accuracy of the system. For example, through pressure sensors and load cells, the system can determine whether the goods on the shelves have been taken away or returned. 1. The collection is prompt and correct. Minus the trouble of manually issuing receipts for every sum of money you receive, increasing the cash register speed and reducing the single transaction time is to improve your operating efficiency. 2. Accurate checkout, eliminate employee corruption, fraud, so that you do not lose money, do not lose goods; The correct use of POS machines can strictly control the entry and exit accounts of cash and goods in your store and prevent your employees from making false accounts during daily sales and inventory checking, protect your interests. POS self-service cash register 3. Facilitate performance statistics and serve management. The POS cash register system adopted by some financial institutions also integrates the functions of the report center. Various types of reports can directly provide decision-making basis for the franchisee bosses, in order to make plans for your next sales and store management in advance. POS machine self-service cash register 4. Fundamentally get rid of the trouble of finding zero and wiping zero. In some retail enterprises, there is a shortage of coins. Some enterprises are unable to wipe away the heavy burden due to their large turnover, and disputes with customers occur from time to time due to replacing cash with commodities. However, it is only possible to exchange coins with denominations below 1 yuan at high prices, which has brought a greater economic burden to the enterprise. However, non-cash payment tools, ranging from small to small, can be accurately measured and transferred in time, thus fundamentally solving the problem of zero banknotes.
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