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How to realize intelligent farmers' market with ptksaipos machine!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-13
Since the alpha dog vs go Master won some time ago, the intelligent AI industry has become very hot, and various industries have made some research and development earlier in this intelligent AI industry. In the cash register industry, the emergence of intelligent AI has changed it from a traditional cash register that can only collect money to a current intelligent cash register, so how to realize unmanned shops through the application of artificial intelligence? How to realize intelligent farmers' market with ptksaipos machine! The first is the realization of mobile payment at this stage, which makes more people go out with only a mobile phone to complete the payment, which makes the unmanned shop change from the previous imagination to the current realization. Consumers only need to take the mobile phone to scan the QR code posted in the store to enter the merchant purchase interface, then select the goods they need to buy, and then pick up the one-dimensional code on the mobile phone to scan the goods to see the price, you can choose to pay. How to realize intelligent farmers' market with ptksaipos machine! The smart cash register can also let the consumer purchase the goods, and then go to the cashier to use its scan code gun to align the QR code of the product to automatically calculate the price, and then scan again to pay directly, the service process of the waiter and the cashier's cash register process are reduced, and all operations can be done by themselves. This is the cooperation between the unmanned convenience store and the intelligent cash register, which can be said to be the perfect process. How to realize intelligent farmers' market with ptksaipos machine! In other fields, for intelligent cash registers with intelligent AI, it is not only reflected in the fast cash register. It has built-in functions such as commodity integration, price adjustment, Data Summary, and the leading position in the industry, so that the smart cash register can always be in the leading position in this collection bank. How to realize intelligent farmers' market with ptksaipos machine! In the future era of artificial intelligence, many businesses will be replaced, and those traditional industries are even more dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary for the current merchants to face more high-tech products in a timely manner, and the smart cash register will be an important part of your future shop. For the general retail stores, there are more than thousands of basic business intelligence for tens of thousands of commodities, such as business Gross Profit Analysis, single product sales data, smooth and slow-moving goods, commodity inventory, and reversal rate. The import of POS system is mainly to solve the above-mentioned blind spots in retail management. In addition to providing accurate sales information, POS system can grasp the inventory of all items on the store through sales records for reference by purchasing department or connection with EOS system. In short, POS is an essential tool for modern retail management. POS machine settlement, through the POS system settlement should pass the following steps :(1) The barter cashier system of local barter agents or special customers inputs the purchase or consumption amount of buyer members to POS terminals; (2)Card reader (POS machine) Read the authentication data of the magnetic stripe on the advertising barter card, the buyer's member number (Password); (3) The settlement system sends the input data to the supervision account of the center; (4) After confirming the settlement data processed by the advertising barter cashier system, the buyer member shall sign it. Buy and sell members and barter agents or special merchants each keep a receipt stub, and the barter agent or special merchants mail the receipt stub to the barter company; (5) After the barter company confirms that the buyer has received the goods or media services, the settlement center allocates the easy-to-exchange quota. Complete the settlement process
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