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How to use the front desk cash register system function of catering POS cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-08
Food and beverage outlets have high functional requirements for POS cash registers. They not only need to be able to manage the prices of food types and the entry and exit management of warehouses, but also have the function of connecting and communicating with external devices such as kitchen printing electronic scales and ordering treasures. In particular, the requirements for the front desk operation function of the cash register are more stringent. Catering cash register POS cash register general operators will choose touch screen POS cash register, which not only improves the working efficiency of operators, but also improves the overall grade of restaurants, next, let's introduce the functions of the cash register system at the front desk. Catering POS cash register catering POS cash register drinking cash register POS cash register graphical intuitive interface, even waiters who have never been exposed to computers can learn and easily be competent for ordering. Catering cash register POS cash register 1. The function of the touch screen ordering POS cash register system can select the dishes needed in different categories of dishes by clicking on the color block of the touch screen. The touch screen ordering can be understood at a glance and learned at a glance. PAR touch screen ordering realizes three-level subdivision menu, food price prompt, intelligent entry of special requirements and other intimate functions, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of waiter ordering. Western food, leisure restaurants, high-end Chinese food and fast food are more suitable for such ordering methods. Refer to the PAR touch screen ordering solution for detailed product benefits. POS cash register system function catering cash register POS Cash Register 2. Computer ordering POS cash register system function quickly enter point menu through keyboard, adopt unique pinyin mnemonic code ordering technology, and support fuzzy query. A single multiple, copy bill, merge table and other practical functions also play a very effective support for the front office business process. POS cash register system function catering cash register POS cash register 3. The cash register can be perfectly combined with the ordering treasure (Wireless ordering optional) POS cash register system function catering cash register POS cash register nowadays, in order to facilitate consumers to order, many restaurants have begun to use handheld computers to complete the business needs of the front office anytime, anywhere, including ordering, checking, returning, adding, booking, receiving, notifying checkout, etc. , almost all the work that was originally to be done on the computer, thus greatly reducing the unnecessary running of the waiter, achieve high-quality service with limited personnel. In particular, PAR's switchable offline online ordering technology greatly improves the reliability and usability of wireless ordering, for hotels with large business premises, particularly busy business and high service expectations, PAR- The food expert's wireless network ordering scheme is * the choice. Catering cash register POS cash register 4, kitchen order printing: POS cash register system function catering store cash register connected to kitchen printer, for kitchen printing * important is stable and reliable, not lost, not heavy. Yi Shi kitchen can directly control the printer instructions instead of relying on the printing service of the operating system, thus realizing the functions of printer status detection, automatic backup of printers and the like, effectively eliminate missing orders, wrong orders, and heavy orders, and achieve reliable network printing in a busy kitchen environment. The POS cash register system of the catering cash register automatically prompts the functions of serving order, serving delay and serving rhythm alarm, thus realizing a more reasonable kitchen serving process and improving customer satisfaction and turnover rate. Applicable restaurant types: Applicable restaurants: all kinds of Chinese Food, Western food, casual restaurants, fast food, teahouses, bars, unlimited restaurants, etc) The business area can range from a small restaurant of several hundred square meters to a large restaurant of tens of thousands of square meters. POS cash register system function
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