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Huoshenshan contactless cash collection system

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
With the official delivery and use of huoshenshan hospital, a special supermarket in the hospital area is also officially open: there are no clerks, no cashiers, and go after shopping. From receiving the construction instruction to the successful completion, it only takes 24 hours, just like huoshenshan hospital, to go online quickly. On February 2, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital officially delivered to the Chinese News Agency, a medical worker of the people's army, the reporter learned that in order to ensure the supply of materials for front-line medical care, Hubei chain supermarket Zhongbai warehouse has prepared sufficient disinfection supplies, hygiene and cleaning supplies, convenience food and daily groceries. At the same time, through taoxianda's self-service cash collection system, it has realized 'contactless cash collection' for military medical workers The author supplies more convenient and safe materials. The first day of business, the supermarket has received more than 200 guests. Novel coronavirus is not equipped with cashiers to reduce the risk of new coronavirus transmission. Customers choose to finish their items, only using mobile phone self scanning code to complete the whole purchase process. Not only that, the supermarket will not generate small ticket after self-service cash collection, which can reduce the contact between people as much as possible, and realize 24-hour uninterrupted service at the same time. Zhongbai supermarket staff said they hope to help supermarkets in epidemic areas reduce personnel contact, reduce the risk of infection and ensure that no one supermarket can receive cash in 24 hours. At the same time, the reporter learned from taoxianda that the 24-hour supermarket in leishenshan District, which will be built soon, will also adopt this contactless cash collection method. The bank collection system of Qudao is perfectly connected with the unmanned supermarket for unmanned bank collection without manual management, which greatly improves the efficiency of bank collection. Qudao technology hopes to provide strong support and help for Wuhan in this epidemic situation.
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