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I don't know how to choose the right POS machine? Can start from the following five aspects

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-16

nowadays, there are more and more POS machine brands in the market. Many third-party companies will have their own brands and have many welfare policies. Many small white people don't know how to choose and what POS machines are good, today, I will teach you how to choose a suitable POS machine! The choice of POS machine should start from five aspects. 1. Select the standard rate of POS machine: after the 96 fee is changed, the regular POS machine merchant credit card rate becomes 0. 6%, and cancel the cap. The current rate is mainly divided into three categories: general Category: 0. 6% rate, with points Bank card charge standard: Credit card charge 0. 45%, savings card charge 0. 35% UnionPay charging standard: 0. 065% 10 thousand Take 6. 5. Charge half to the issuing bank and the payment company respectively. Offer Category: 0. 251%, so the handling fee for relief is generally 0. 38%-0. 48%, the bank loses money in the public welfare Category: The Public Welfare category 0 rate, no points, the bank does not earn a penny, the bank likes to brush the customers of the standard merchants, do not like to brush the preferential and public welfare merchants. Because of the preferential and public welfare businesses, banks do not make money. Standard merchant pens with points, you can also use cash when using credit cards, the discount rate is 0. 38, the public welfare rate of 0, not only no points, the bank can not earn money, long-term use, easy to become the bank's risk control object, let alone the card, the card is possible. 2. Choose a regular clearing machine: Use a clearing machine to swipe the card for consumption. The funds are directly settled in the clearing center of the People's Bank of China, and then redistributed to the merchant's collection account. The funds are safe and secure. To identify whether the machine is a clean machine, you can go to the official website of the People's Bank of China to check the payment company of the POS machine. Is there a formal payment license issued by the central bank? If not, it may be a two-clear machine. However, the second cleaning machine does not have a payment license and is settled by a third-party company. There is a great potential safety hazard and it is easy to fail to swipe the card. If the third-party company runs away with money, it is also difficult to recover funds. 3, swipe the card three single to unify we said that the card to brush the standard merchants, but how to check the merchants we brush? Some POS machines produce paper receipts and can be viewed; Some are electronic receipts, which can also be viewed. But we don't think that the merchants on the receipt are accurate. Some pos companies, in order to deceive customers, the merchants on the receipt are different from the merchants actually brushed. In addition to the credit card trading merchants, they also need to look at the trading merchants in UnionPay to ensure that the name, amount and time are the same. POS machine merchants, credit card statement transaction details, Unionpay transaction details must be guaranteed to be unified. As long as there is a difference, we must not use it. After a long time, it will hurt ourselves. 4. Choose a company with a payment license. When we choose a POS machine, we must choose a company with a payment license. How do we check whether the payment company has a payment license? You can check the official website of the payment company. 5. Carefully modified POS machines in this year, POS machines not only have the function of stealing all bank card information after technical modification, but also can send these information to mobile devices synchronously. How to prevent bank cards from being stolen by modified POS machines? The modified POS machines are basically sold to smaller restaurants and small shops, so cash should be used as much as possible in these places. If you have to swipe your card, you should first try to choose a POS machine with a password keyboard and a swipe card. Secondly, since these POS machines are applied for by forging documents, the merchant information displayed on the credit card record is definitely inconsistent with the actual consumption situation. Therefore, after swiping the card, be sure to check the name of the merchant on the pos list. If you find any discrepancies, you must be vigilant and verify the situation with the merchant to protect your bank card information. The above is about'I don't know how to choose the right POS machine? Can start from the following five aspects' If you have any questions, please leave a message on this site and we will arrange staff to answer them for you.

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