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I don't know if I don't look!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
Catering enterprises in the catering management system easy to step on the three minefields! Catering informatization is a common phenomenon in the current catering market, which is more in line with the needs of people in the current intelligent era and improves the management ability of the storefront. Catering enterprises usually pay more attention to whether the information products meet the needs of enterprises and market applications, but often suffer losses due to neglecting the 'service guarantee' ability of the information providers, and such losses Loss often has a longer negative impact than a simple product purchase mistake. Therefore, this time, we will start from the three minefields of the management system of catering enterprises that are easy to 'step on thunder', and talk about how to identify the service capabilities of information providers. Minefield 1: a regional benchmark catering merchant, with large passenger flow per meal and high dependence on the information system. However, when the computer, hardware, network, information system and other problems of the restaurant need emergency on-site rescue, it is unable to contact the service provider or is informed that it cannot provide local on-site service, that is, it is & ldquo; unable to provide timely service & rdquo. Minefield 2: the merchants of national chain catering are fast in opening stores, but the providers of information system cannot cover the cities where they open stores. Minefield 3: after the implementation of the information system, the functions are complete but fail to achieve the expected results, and it is difficult for catering enterprises to get a reasonable explanation to find an information provider.
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