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I don't know if I don't look! Cash register system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
Today's supermarket stores are everywhere, with fierce competition. If the supermarket wants to have a place in the elusive industry market, member marketing is essential. However, some supermarkets are relatively conservative in their management methods and don't understand the member marketing function of the cashier management system, which makes member marketing a big problem faced by many supermarkets. In order to help supermarkets solve the problem of member marketing and help supermarkets operate efficiently, the editor specially lists the problems and solutions of member marketing in supermarkets for you, hoping to give you some suggestions Help. One big problem: lack of effective data analysis for members, the supermarket will generate a large number of sales data, membership card use data and so on every day. We need to analyze such data, so as to analyze members' consumption habits and demand pain points, and launch some targeted activities and concessions, so that members can feel that the launched activities are for them They are tailor-made, or fully considered for them. I think this kind of consumption experience must be very high, which is very beneficial for the maintenance of old members, the stimulation of consumption or the expansion and participation of new members. Two big problems: avoid product homogeneity because in the supermarket industry, the types of goods are often those, and the homogeneity of goods is very high, so for consumers, once they encounter the same goods, they will unconsciously compare the prices. As the old saying goes, it is not a good idea, and the comparison of goods does not suffer losses. So for supermarkets, full market research is very important. Combining with online search, offline inspection and other channels, we can avoid product homogeneity in member promotion activities. Three major problems: we know that the expiration of member points is within one year for the latent rule of general supermarket. At the end of the year, the supermarket will remind member consumers that the end of the year is coming, and the points will be cleared. It is inevitable that some consumer members will forget for various reasons, resulting in the clearing of member points. In this case, we can use half of the overdue points or only exchange specific products as gifts to let member consumers really feel that the merchants are really considering for them! The above three problems can not be solved without the assistance of the cashier system. Generally speaking, only through the data statistics, data analysis and member function management of the cash register system, can the supermarket truly consider for the consumers and continuously improve the consumer experience, so as to be in an invincible position in the fierce retail market environment.
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